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Placate Your Sexual Hunger

by adultmart

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When you go by statistics number of male masturbators is equal to number of male. This is valid for all the beginner who does it at least once in their life. Slowly the number decline and comes down to around ninety per cent. Female are not back in the list lagging just five to ten present behind man. For male masturbators it just take a few minute to jerk it off and female can masturbate even for hours. Girls love to have sex with them who can satisfy their hunger for sex for a long time. For this reason oral sex came into lime light where a male uses his fingers and licks a woman vagina to satisfy her need.

Male masturbators have a reason to masturbate to keep them pleased with sexual sensation. Masturbation does not have any time in an life period of human being. Even after marriage male masturbates  if they are bored of their female partner or if they are not satisfied with them. Once masturbation is over or the orgasm is on the verge comes the stage of ejaculation. The ejaculated material is a white jelly like extremely smooth and silky ,this is termed as semen. It contains billions of sperm with hardly two or three capable of fertilising with egg inside the female ovary. Semen is smooth because during intercourse a man puts his penis in a woman’s vagina and the semen helps in lubricating the hole and thus giving smooth and fast run of penis in the vagina.

While having sex with your female partner, if she is your wife and you are looking for family planning you need to have an condom over your penis. If you have fear of getting yourself borne with sexually transmitted diseases shortly known as STD you should always use a condom. Male masturbators often use condom while masturbating just for the sake of experience how it feels. Condom comes in various flavours and are of even various topography over it ,some are dotted and some are plane. If a woman wants some extra sensual pleasure she prefer having dotted condom inside her vagina. Regarding flavour it comes in different tastes like banana ,strawberry ,chocolate  etc.. Flavoured condoms were put in market when the idea of blowjob was born in which a woman sucks a male cock and pleases her.

So guys never hesitate to think to ask anyone regarding masturbation ,because the concept of masturbation has given rise to lot of entrepreneurs like a condom manufacturing company ,recycling of plastic and even condom vending machine. Male starts to masturbate when they come in contact with guys of bad company ,they search for porn their browsing sites. Parents should be very free in asking their children about this so that they don’t go astray. Some boys see brothels as their final destination to satisfy themselves with sexual desire and end up with HIV AIDS. Life takes a pause if they end up with this and they are mentally out of this world.

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