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Flavors Of The Sexual Desires

by adultmart

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Masturbation is the process of having sexual stimulation with own genital parts of the body in order to fulfill the sexual desires. The process can be done by using different methods such as by using the fingers, hands sex toys having dedicated task or by the use of any objects. From the earlier studies it has been found that the process of masturbation is regular among both the sexes, all the ages having different variations. Male masturbators use to have this process for having good psychological as well as medical benefits. The biggest advantage of this male masturbator is that there is no causal connection with any kind of physical or mental disorder as this process is quiet natural. In the previous generation, the process of masturbation was illegal and there were various acts formed on it, but now a days it is normal and allowable for a healthy sex life.

The techniques of the male masturbation is common to all which involves rubbing or pressing the genital area of the body or by using the hands finger in order to up and down the penis or vulva either by hand or by using the electric vibrators which is inserted inside the artificial vagina or anus. This process of enjoyment can also be felt by using the erogenous zones or the nipples for pinching, rubbing or touching the zones. For the sensation of the genital parts some of the male masturbators do use the lubricating materials in order to avoid irritation. Other methods of masturbation include viewing of reading the sexual fantasies or by the help of pornographic videos or books related to it. Some or the people masturbates by using the memories of the past which they have done or seen to their opposite sex in their bedrooms. In the method of masturbation, various fetishes or paraphilias and various ritualizes method are involved which plays a greater role in the process. Self bandage and autoerotic asphyxiation are some of the potentially harmful as well as fatal work involved in the masturbation. Sexual pleasure during masturbation can also be achieved by inserting objects or the urethral sounds into the sexual parts. Some of the machines are constructed which helps in the simulation of the sexual intercourse. After having the process for a long time the male person use to stop it and take some time in order to resume the same after some time. The cycle might repeat for a long time till all the energy is lost.

Masturbation techniques in male include various types of personal preferences and as well as various factors. Most of the common techniques include holding of penis having a loose fat and then moving it up and down with the shaft. These are the types of stimulation required with the ejaculation and the orgasm of the body. The speed of the up down process varies from person to person depending upon the capabilities. In order to avoid the sourness of the penis, the males use personal lubricant in order to fulfill their sexual desires

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