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Flash Vs HTML: Which is Better To Design Portfolio ?

by pixpadesign

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Online presence is what every company wishes for immediately they decide to take their business online. As a matter of fact, web design is what determines the fate of your online business. It is therefore very important to ensure careful designing of your website. Remember your online business is just the same as your physical business environment. The online presence should thus reflect the same business personality. Photography portfolio websites, just like others, are designed in either Flash or HTML designs. However veteran designers have gone an extra step ahead where they can integrate the two designs to create high quality and appealing website.
HTML is the short form of Hyper Text Markup Language and is considered as the basic and standard web design format. This design format works with other programming languages like JavaScript, xml and asp among others. It is actually a programming language that has been in existence for quite some time now. It is thus supported by all browsers on all operating systems. Plain and simple websites can therefore be created using this programming language that uses a coding language that is text rich.  
Flash design on the other hand is a web creation technology on the Internet basically meant to make websites more attractive and interactive. Using this design, the designer is able to integrate both video and animation into the web pages. The challenge facing this technology has not been supported by all browsers but nowadays many of the browsers are available to support it. Another challenge with this site is the difficulty in making it search engine friendly. Most of search engines do not crawl anything from this site even if you used plain text. The only solution for this is by integrating it together with HTML so that they become search engine friendly.
Having observed the difference between the two web design formats, it is clearly indicative that HTML is superior to Flash considering the fact that many of the photography portfolio websites are meant for marketing purposes whereby search engines play an integral role. But that does not mean Flash websites are not good as far as portfolio sites are concerned, as it give lively look to the site. Today, in order for a website to gain more traffic, it must first of all get ranked better by search engines. This therefore calls for a design format that is search engine friendly. Search engine reading through the text formats of web pages on your website will detect the relevant keywords in such web pages thus improving the ranking of the website. With a higher ranking, your photography portfolio website is likely to receive more web traffic that can be easily converted to customers and thus generating more income for your business.  
Online presence is better achieved through the use of HTML web design format but the integration of this format with Flash makes the website even better. This is because besides the website being search engine friendly, it also makes the site interactive and impressive. If you need a photography portfolio website, go for a designer capable of integrating the two formats to design a better website but if there is none then HTML is the option to go for!

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