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What to Expect When You Have New Shingles Installed

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Having new shingles put on your roof is a major home improvement project. Unfortunately, it will eventually be a necessary one for all homeowners since shingles can only last so long. Tile shingles can last up to 80 years, and slate shingles have a lifespan of almost 50 years; the common asphalt shingles, however, only last 20-30 years, so it is likely that everyone will need them replaced at some point. In addition, weather-related problems, such as hail or windstorms can damage a section or all of a roof. Toronto winters take their toll, as well, especially if ice dams form. Luckily, an experienced Toronto roofing company can make the ordeal of getting new shingles an efficient and less stressful process.

First, a Toronto roofing company will tear off the old shingles and sheathing, usually starting from the top of the roof and working their way down. They will need to safely dispose of the material to avoid any environmental hazard. Roofers may find that some of the boards underneath are warped, rotted, or damaged in some other way. They will need to repair these boards before starting on the next phase of the project.

After removing the old material and making any necessary repairs, Toronto roofing experts will then lay new sheathing, the felt or tar paper material that goes between the roof and the shingles to prevent any structural damage from moisture. Sheathing usually comes in rolls, and roofers will usually start at the bottom and roll the sheets across the roof in slightly overlapping, horizontal rows. Often, they will lay each strip just above a newly completed row of shingles, attaching the sheathing with galvanized nails. Then roofers will install the flashing, the metal pieces that go around the roof, chimneys, gables, and vents and cover joints in the roof. These metal pieces protect the roof from leaks. Most often, Toronto roofing companies will custom cut each piece of flashing to fit the roof.

After all this is done, it is time for roofers to begin laying the shingles, starting at the bottom of the roof and working their way up. They will lay out a row to make sure it is straight before nailing it down with four nails to shingle. Toronto roofing experts will offset each row for a more polished look, and each row will slightly overlap the one below it. Finally, roofers will finish off the job by installing a ridge cap on all the joints of the roof. These are separate pieces that can be ordered to match the shingles.

Though installing new shingles is still a significant project, a Toronto roofing company can get it done in a matter of a few days. With the right team of experts, this major undertaking can leave you with a roof that spruces up your home and keeps you snug and dry.

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