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Never mind the critics, go ahead and wear your animal hats

by anonymous

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It all started hundreds of years ago when tribesmen turned animal skins into spirit hoods. Spirit hoods were worn as part of a tribe's regalia and were only made from the skins of selected animals. Spirit hoods then evolved into the animal hats that people wear nowadays. The animal hat has evoked a lot of debate even though it's a very simple accessory comprising of a hat and a pair of long arms that can be wrapped around the neck like a scarf. What is it that makes the animal hat so controversial? It has been said that animal hats are only cute for kids and preteens but not for adults. Critics are okay with children wearing them but sneer at grownups wearing them. But who said that only children are allowed to wear these accessories anyway? Does anybody have the right to decide what adults should or shouldn't wear?


It has also been said that people who wear animal hats are merely craving for attention. This may or may not be true but one thing that's for sure is that many people will stop and stare at you if you are wearing a very nice animal hat. You can look very smart and get heads turning if you wear your animal hat with a sense of style. So, if you are drawing attention courtesy of your animal hat, so be it. Attention grabbing is not a reason to stop you from dressing as you wish.


Some people feel that animal hoods are plain silly because they are made to look as if they were made from real animal skins. Remember that spirit hoods, the precursors of our animal hats, were made using real animal skins. There is really no reason to depart from that tradition. It is in fact great because no wild animals will have been hunted down to make your favorite hats. According to some critics these hats should only be worn during Halloween. Halloween nevertheless only happens once every year and you really can't wait that long to wear your cute animal hat. Animal hats can certainly be worn anytime - except during the sunny summer months of course.


People should be free to dress as they wish and nobody should assign himself or herself the role of deciding what's fashionable and what's not for others to wear. Dressing is a personal matter that should be left to individuals. If you feel like wearing an animal hat, go ahead and wear it. Age shouldn't bar you from enjoying your freedom. In any case, wearing an animal hat will bring out the fun-loving side of you.


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