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5 Advantages of CCIE Security Certificate

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What in Cisco CCIE Security Exam?
Cisco is one of the biggest networking companies of the world. Since 1993, in order to foster the development of networking technologies, they have introduced special CCIE exams — Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Today possessing a CCIE certificate means belonging to the world elite of networking experts.

CCIE exams have changed since the moment of their creation, and today you can choose one of several specialized tracks: Security, Service Provider, Routing and Switching, Voice, etc. One of the most popular tracks is CCIE Security, and in this article we'll explain you why.

Advantages of CCIE Security Certificate

Passing a CCIE exam is not that easy. In fact, only about 10% of all attempts to get a CCIE Security certificate are successful. However, don't get scared — you can do it, but if you work hard. So, first you'll have to pass a written test. This part of exam is more theoretical, and consists of 100  multiple choice questions.

The second part of CCIE Security is a lab exam. However, you are not eligible to take the lab until you pass the written exam successfully. The second part takes 8 hours to complete, and tests your practical skills in troubleshooting and configuring security networks. This test is conducted on special hardware at an authorized Cisco office.

Though passing the exam is not easy as pie, there are many reasons to aspire for successful results. So, what are the advantages of becoming a CCIE-certified expert? Here are five key points proving that CCIE Security exam is your way to success:

-        No preliminary tests. Unlike many other networking exams, you don't need any special degree or certificate to try your skills with CCIE Security exams.

-        Motivation to learn, and enough time for it. Before taking both written tests and labs you'll have several months to prepare. Also, the scheduled test dates will motivate you for self-development.

-        High level of competence. Hundreds of networking specialists want to pass the exam, which proves the high level of CCIE degree value.

-        Extreme career advance. Professionals holding the CCIE degree can easily find jobs paying over $100,000.

-        Experts League and Cisco privileges. All who pass the CCIE Security exams join the huge CCIE community, which helps to find fast solutions for hard problems with networking security.

How to Get a Cisco CCIE Certificate?

Surely, there is no other way to become a CCIE Security expert — you can only pass the exam, and obtain the prestigious degree. However, you can take several important steps to increase your chances for joining the fantastic community of CCIE Security professionals.

First of all, you'll have to read tons of literature — this will reinforce your current skills, and give a clearer view of how network security functions. Also, the theoretical knowledge available in the books will help you pass the first part of CCIE Security exam.

However, most examinees say that the written tests are not that hard to complete. The hardest part of your long way to CCIE Security is the lab exam. And for this part you'll have to prepare a lot more. The first way to do it is to read some workbooks with examples of lab tasks. This will provide the view of how CCIE Security labs actually pass, and what you can expect from them.

Another great way to perfect your CCIE capabilities is to order several CCIE Service Provider sessions. At these sessions you'll get full access to Cisco-certified equipment you'll also get at the actual lab exam. CCIE Security virtual racks will also help you overcome the psychological barriers caused by the fear of the unknown.

To sum it all up, passing the Security track of Cisco CCIE exam opens before you lots of opportunities for financial growth and professional development. Though the exam is not that easy to pass, you can prepare for it well. Just use numerous theoretical materials or rent a virtual rack, and the vague dream called Cisco CCIE degree will turn into a foreseeable reality.

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