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How to Get Your Music on the Radio

by anonymous

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In learning how to get your music on the radio, you'll immediately find that this task is synonymous with learning about the digital distribution of music. The question quickly becomes one of knowing how to get your music online, followed instantly by how to sell songs online. You've entered the modern world of digital music distribution.

Music distribution used to be about shipping reels of analog audio back and forth across the county (if not country), but with online music distribution such postage fees and waiting times are no longer necessary. Music distribution online is practically instantaneous and far, far less expensive than traditional methods, which almost always required the financial backing of a music label.

To promote your songs and sell your songs, orchestrate your music and audio distribution with one of the many companies specializing in online music selling and music promotion today. There are scores, and many offer professional services at a song (so to speak). These companies can promote your music far better than was once possible, because they can easily tell artists like you how to sell music on iTunes and otherwise how to sell music online, and they'll instantly be able to actually help you do so.

To sell music online, you only need to decide where to promote your music on the Internet. You, like practically everyone else, will almost certainly want to sell music on iTunes. It's the cosmopolitan jukebox of today, and the largest percentage of music sales online comes from the iTunes website. Once your music is online for sale at iTunes and sites like it (there are many more than most people realize), Internet radio disc jockeys and automated services like Pandora and Spotify will have access to your songs, depending on the kind of package you purchase from the online music distribution company.

And that is how to get on Internet radio.

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