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HVAC Equipment Industry revenue is forecast to reach an esti

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Bharatbook  announces a new report on "HVAC Equipment Industry revenue is forecast to reach an estimated $95 billion"  The global HVAC industry comprises establishments that manufacture heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  Industry revenue is forecast to reach an estimated $95 billion in 2018. The competitive landscape of this industry has remained unchanged for the last five years,with the entry of one new player in the top 10 list, United Technologies Corporation.
 Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has conducted a competitive analysis of the industry and presents its findings in ―Global HVAC Equipment Industry 2013‒2018: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis.‖ Asia Pacific (APAC) dominates this industry. Commercial HVAC equipment is major segment of the industry, with more than 50 % of the market share.
 Lucintel’s report gives a brief overview of the industry challenges. Increasingly warmer global temperatures are affecting the industry. The global HVAC industry is capital intensive, and with the economy experiencing downturn globally, it is a challenge for many HVAC equipment manufacturers to invest heavily in the industry. Although the middle class population is projecting healthy growth across the world, still the economic condition is preventing many of them from buying domestic HVAC equipment such as air conditioners.
 In addition to the industry’s challenges, the study highlights growth drivers. Increasing construction activities are mainly responsible for driving growth in the industry. Global sales of homes and new buildings have increased, favoring the industry as sales of HVAC equipment is highly correlated to the construction of new homes and buildings. Availability of easy financing supports the growth of HVAC equipment sales. Residential HVAC equipment is the key growth segment now, driven by increasing residential construction and product penetration.
 This market report is an indispensable reference guide for HVAC equipment manufacturers, retailers of such equipment, investors, executives, distributors, and many more that operate in this market. To make business, investment, and strategic decisions, timely, useful information is needed, which is fulfilled by this market report.
 This comprehensive guide from Lucintel provides readers with valuable information and the tools needed to successfully drive critical business decisions with a thorough understanding of the market’s potential. This report will save Lucintel clients hundreds of hours in personal research time on a global market and it offers significant benefits in expanding business opportunities throughout the global HVAC equipment industry analysis. In a fast-paced ever-changing world, business leaders need every advantage available to them in a timely manner to drive change in the market and to stay ahead of their competition. This report provides business leaders with a keen advantage in this regard by making them aware of emerging trends and demand requirements on an annual basis.
 Features and Scope of this Report:
 To make any investment or strategic decision, you need adequate and timely information. This market report fulfills this core need. Some of the features of this market report are:
 Industry size estimates in terms of (US $) value by regions and by segments
 Global HVAC equipment industry analysis annual trend (2007-2012) and forecast (2013-2018)
 Porter’s Five Force analysis
 New product launch and merger and acquisition activity in global HVAC equipment industry analysis
 Quarterly demand trend (Q1 2011-Q4 2012) and forecast analysis (Q1 2013-Q4 2014) for global HVAC equipment industry analysis
 Gross and net profit trends in the global HVAC equipment industry analysis
 Cost structure trend in the global as well as regional HVAC equipment analysis
 Benefits of Reports:
 This reports core competency is in market research and management consulting. In the last 14 years, Lucintel has worked on hundreds of market research studies. Lucintel’s market report offers following benefits.
 It saves your money, as compared to doing research in-house. ($80,000+)
 It saves your time. Lucintel delivers the report in hours vs. months of in-house data
 collection and report writing.
 It is an unbiased source of industry facts, intelligence, and insights.
 It helps you make confident business decisions quickly.
 Who Can Benefit From This Report?
 This study is intended for senior level executives, sales, marketing and business development professionals at various nodes of value chain of this market. This multi-client market study from Lucintel is used by small to multi-national Fortune 500 companies and utilized for a variety of reasons as follows.
 Business development
 Strategic planning
 Business presentation
 Determination of market size and trend
 Competitive analysis
 Resource and inventory management
 Investment decisions
 Research Methodology:
 Lucintel has closely tracked and conducted research on hundreds of markets since 1998. This study is a result of years of ongoing research and continuous monitoring of industry dynamics and trends at various nodes of the value chain from both the supply side and the demand side. Lucintel compiles vast amounts of data from numerous sources, validates the integrity of that data, and performs a comprehensive analysis on it. Lucintel then organizes the data, its findings, and insights into a concise report designed to support the strategic decision-making process.
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