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Biting on Survival Food: Muzzling a Tummy in Revolt

by kishakitchens

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Combat veterans can testify to the reality that a struggle does not end with the fall of one opponent. In such scenarios, the soldier needs to compete with forces aside from man; to make it through, he needs to have access to proper sustenance that will keep him on his toes. In a scenario where time is of the essence and no location is totally safe, how can a trooper prepare food to silence his growling stomach?

This concern led the United States military to develop filling survival food, which can provide the soldier with adequate energy to keep him active on the battleground. The first soldier rations were dispersed throughout the Revolutionary War, and contained beef, peas, and rice that can last a man for a day. Canned items came prior to the development of self-contained kits, which even consisted of breakfast basics such as bread, coffee, and sugar.

These survival meals or Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) are modified built upon the environment where soldiers are based. Two known ranges are the Mountain and Jungle supplies. Mountain MREs contain dehydrated meals such as baked beans, cheese, potatoes, and soup, which are easy to bring yet have high calorie content. On the other hand, jungle MREs contain light food that will not reduce the movement of the soldier such as chewing gums, salted peanuts, raisins, and fruit bars.

Another kind of survival food, the nutrition tab, even exists to assist the hungry warrior. They were developed from of the Federal Government's requirement for a food source for emergency scenarios. Today, these tablets are seen as portable life-savers particularly when a soldier feels the need to return some of his energy in the heat of the action.

Along with a tough survival gear, a soldier needs to be able to have adequate survival food to help him see completion of the fight that he has indeed risked his life for. Culling enemy ranks is simply one aspect of a battle. Making sure that the demands of his body are taken care of needs to likewise be focused on by he who wishes for success.

Civilians who plan to go on trips to unique areas ought to prepare with survival food in the event that misfortune strikes. As the saying goes, it's much better to be safe than sorry. For a list of survival food that can be purchased at the local shop, go to

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