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Housekeeping Services for Shared Apartments

by servmaid1

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Living in shared apartments is not a new trend and there are a lot of economic benefits of living in a shared apartment like the reduced rent and bills, etc. But when you are living in a shared apartment with some friends or roomies you might also need to share other stuff with them apart from the rent and bills like the cleaning tasks around the place and the cooking, etc. And this might develop some problem if you are not the cleaning or the cooking type or your room-mate isn’t or it might get difficult to share the cleaning chores around the place equally or fairly between you and your roommates.

An easy solution to this problem is hiring a house cleaning service or maid to do the job for you. This will ensure that the cleaning around the apartment gets taken care of without you having to worry about who is to do what and when. And you can easily share the cleaning bills between you and your roommates equally and fairly. This will reduce the cleaning bill considerable and also save you from developing any conflicts with your roommates, as this will ensure that none of you ends up doing less or more of the cleaning job around the apartment.

When you hire housekeeping services you can also choose the time and frequency of their visits as per your convenience and requirements. If you need the maid or housekeeping staff to visit your place every day or every alternate day, thrice a week or even just once a week or fortnightly you can ask them to so and they will offer their services accordingly. This will also help you to control the cleaning bill as per your convenience and budget.

And if you specifically want that the house cleaning service should come over and do their job when you or your roommates are around or not around you can just discuss with them and they will comply. Though there are some housekeeping services which do not offer services when the house is empty and some which do not come over at some specific times during the day or night. So it is better that you discuss the time and frequency of their required visits beforehand to avoid confusion later on.

Also it is advisable that you discuss the fees and the kind of job you expect from them- the rooms to be cleaned, vacuumed; the toilets to be scrubbed; etc beforehand to avoid any confusion or conflict later. One important thing you should remember before hiring a cleaning service or maids especially if you are going to use their services when you are not around is that you are going to let some stranger have access to your apartment and that you need to trust them. So it is always better that you hire someone recommended and trusted by family or friends or some reputed cleaning company which has a good list of references to provide.For more visit more visit


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