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Exploring innovative fundraising ideas for schools

by Charleston

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Schools have turned to parents and other well-wishers to help them bridge the gap in their budgets because government allocations are not enough for all their financial needs. Virtually every public school in the country holds at least one annual fundraiser to raise some additional funds for its use. Most of the money comes from parents of children in the schools, with some also coming from the community.


Nevertheless, parents and other kind donors get fed up with schools that carry out too many fundraising events and those that use the same fundraising ideasyear in year out. Fundraisers become boring rituals if the same fundraising ideas for school are recycled thereby causing parents and other donors to become continually less enthusiastic about participating. Schools cannot rely on the same fundraising ideas for schools all the time if they hope to sustain donors' goodwill. They have to innovate and come up with new, refreshing fundraising ideas for school that will whip up excitement in parents, children and people in the community who are willing to help out. Many parents have indeed complained about the unwillingness by school heads to try out some new ideas. Such schools only hurt themselves by eroding donors' goodwill and enthusiasm.


As a parent, you can recommend some innovative fundraising ideas for school that can help bring in more money for your child's school. Here are two unconventional ideasthat will give people a break from the routine fundraising events. The first one is a demolition derby. You can organize this event by bringing a few junked cars into the school. People will pay some money for a chance to whack the cars for all they are worth. Protective gear including a helmet and goggles should be supplied as well as a selection of sledgehammers, axes, clubs, and other "tools of destruction". Only one person at a time will be allowed to smash a car for a number of minutes. This is certainly a type of fundraising idea that many people will love.


If your son or daughter is a member of a popular sports team, he/she can raise money by asking some of the local businesses for sponsorship. Willing businesses can hang banners during matches and pay a fee to the team. Businesses can also provide some free or discounted merchandise that your child's team can sell during games in return for a right to advertise at the event. This is a good way to raise money that doesn't require too much time investment on parents' part.


Sometimes it's possible to reduce the number of fundraisers held every year by asking parents for pledges. Parents can pledge to donate a certain amount per child per year towards the school fundraising kitty. This method can raise more money than is raised in fundraisers. However, one or two innovative fundraisers can be held each year to not only raise money for the school but to also help parents, children and teachers bond together. Having fewer fundraisers will allow schools to be more innovative with their fundraising ideas for schools.



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