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MIMIC Simulator for Network Management Software Vendors

by ShahPankaj

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Once used only to identify hardware outages in networks then dispatch technicians, the network management industry has burgeoned to include numerous application areas that bring bottom-line benefits to companies, both large and small. Software applications for network management run from integrated systems and network management platform/framework products to applications for managing and monitoring almost any aspect of a network.


With the Enterprise Management System Software market growing from 15 to 20% per year1, the market is a hotbed of innovation and constant change. New and old vendors scramble to beat each other to the market with ever-improving applications that have business impact, not just network impact.


Network management software must be developed to work in ever-changing, heterogeneous equipment environments, but the variety of networked resources to be monitored and managed is infinite. How can a software company possibly make every brand of hardware available to each developer and tester, especially considering capital budget constraints? But without the hardware available for development and testing, how can the customer be assured that the application will run in their environment?


A fast, easy way of containing capital expenditures for network management software development is by using the MIMIC SNMP simulator in the internal development, testing, and training processes. MIMIC SNMP Simulator has helped many software vendors, including IBM, HP, CA deliver their products worldwide. Like other MIMIC users, they have found that MIMIC has many applications that that lower development lab overhead, reduce time to market, and assure product quality.


In the development and testing environment, using MIMIC's SNMP agent simulation and network recording capabilities is like providing a virtual lab full of unlimited heterogeneous networking gear to each and every developer and tester. Gone are the political battles between developers over hardware use schedules. Gone are the administrative time and pressure involved with setting up and breaking down lab space for individual assignments. Gone are the explanations to senior management about the need for more and more third party hardware to fulfill development and testing needs.


By supplying virtual networking hardware for developers and testers, MIMIC Simulator improves time to market by eliminating schedule slips due to lab or product unavailability. Lab overhead is trimmed to a minimum - administration costs as well as capital budgets can be reduced to improve the bottom line. Even product quality and satisfaction can increase through MIMIC's use; expanded testing on a wider variety of hardware brands will give customers the assurance that their new network management applications were thoroughly tested on the products contained in their networks.


In addition to internal applications, MIMIC Simulator has many other applications that can help improve customer satisfaction. From use in customer training labs to customer support scenarios, MIMIC saves time and valuable budget resources. MIMIC can even be used in sales demos - to show customers how an application will react in their unique network configuration.



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