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Deciding on What to Do with Your Pregnancy

by jonesmichelle08

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Okay. Let us get things straight. So you are a teenager, about 17 or 18, and your douchebag boyfriend got you unexpectedly pregnant, blamed you for everything, and then left without a trace. What on earth are you going to do now? Kill yourself? No. You should start thinking like an adult, and think about rational solutions for your problem. You will have to tell your parents of course. You live with them. They will eventually know that you are pregnant even before your tummy started blocking the television. You have to tell your parents so that you can discuss the predicament with them. Should you go to an abortion clinic or go through with the pregnancy? Even though you look like and think like an adult, you are still their child. And there are decisions that need the guidance of parents.

They might get extremely mad, especially if they are traditional parents. But what can they do? You are their child, and the problem is right there--real and alive. Believe me, they will not stay mad for long. They might even end up making a decision for you. If you decide to go on with the pregnancy, then you are taking the carder, braver path. I warn you, you will have to undergo, a social stigma from your schoolmates, neighbors, and even the older members of your community. Of course, this stigma will be easily shrugged off when your family wholeheartedly supports you and is by your side every step of the way. Your decision of not entering an abortion clinic will be a bold statement admired by more mature people.

On the other hand, if you choose to abort your pregnancy, then that is the easy way out. You will just need to prepare for your operation, get an appointment with a dependable abortion clinic, go on with the abortion, and then you are done! You do not have to undergo any more pressure (e.g., social, financial, cultural) than you need to. The problem will be nipped at the bud, and you can go on with your happy high school life. You can’t really call this cowardly because let us admit it, you are basically still just a kid. How can you take care of a child? Of course, there is the usual argument that your parents can do that job for you. However, think things through. Can your family afford to have another family member, another mouth to feed? If you can, then that is great. But what if you are just the opposite?

Whatever your decision is, be sure that you have really thought it through in the most logical, sensible, practical way. You always have to consider the best option for you. After all, that is your life we are talking about here. Whether you go on and keep your kid or you let the abortion clinic keep it, just make sure that you will end up not regretting the decision that you have made. You can’t undo what has been done, so you better be wise in your decision-making.

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