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Marpo Kinetics Launches New Rope Machine Design, Rope Traini

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1888 Press Release - Marpo Kinetics, the pioneer and industry leader in rope training, is celebrating the debut of it's newly redesigned Marpo Rope Trainers.

Millions of television viewers were introduced to Marpo Rope Trainers when they were integrated into training programs on seasons 10 and 11 of NBC's popular reality television show "The Biggest Loser." The new VMX, V250 and VLT Rope Trainers have an updated look, with a more modern, angular profile and improvements to it's internal mechanisms for greater durability and performance.

"We are very proud of the ingenuity behind the design. The versatility of Marpo Rope Trainers really sets them apart from most other fitness equipment", says CEO, Marius Popescu. Each Rope Trainer employs a patented dynamic braking system. As opposed to a friction brake, the patented design optimizes resistance with each movement, allowing for real-time user feedback and smooth, gradual resistance in relation to the exertion applied. Translation: An intense workout, with minimal joint strain.

"The feedback that we've had from trainers has been extremely positive. Especially with the increased demand for functional workouts, upper-body cardio alternatives, and MMA style training, we feel uniquely qualified to respond to the needs of gyms. There simply isn't anything else that matches the excitement and performance that these machines provide. They've been dubbed the Swiss Army knives of the gym."

Along with the revamping of the machines, Marpo also released a Rope Training Education Manual. The manual covers the scientific foundations behind the development of Marpo Rope Trainers, applications for strength and cardio conditioning and strategies for designing and integrating functional rope training into gym programs.

"We're very excited to be a part of the trend in making fitness intense and exciting again", says Marius. As the fitness brand continues it's upward trend, it's likely that Marpo Rope Trainers are set to surpass conventional gym equipment.

About Marpo Kinetics
Marpo Kinetics, the world's authority on rope training for strength and cardio fitness has been outfitting major fitness chains, the U.S Military, professional sports teams and rehabilitation centers worldwide since 2006. Rope trainers have quickly captured the attention of gym owners,trainers, and fitness enthusiasts as a uniquely effective and efficient workout tool, easily incorporated into individual and group training programs. For more information about Marpo Kinetics, please visit and follow on Twitter ( @ ) MarpoKinetic

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