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White lies– Fake stories about Boston Attack:

by gramsmith

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Two days back, Boston was shook with bomb blasts. The bombs were planted in front of a library near the finish line. In addition, sources say that the bombs were handmade using a pressure cooker. They blasted off almost after one hour of finishing of the race.

The blast took three lives and left 100 is injured. The security of whole area was made strict after the incident and strict checking is being done in USA as well.

After the incident, photographs, stories and videos of the overall event were made viral. Out of these stories, some were faked but received the most ratings on the social media websites.

Five stories that were faked are:

  1. Man proposes girlfriend killed: There was a photograph of a man in red shirt and blue jeans holding on to the body of a human being right after the explosion. This image was uploaded to social media websites with a caption that the person wanted to propose to the girl (whose body, he is holding) but fate had other plans.
  2. Young girl died at finish:

Another story that was circulated on Google plus and turned to the most famous feed of the day was the story of a young girl who died at the finish line. The picture of the girl was faked and in reality, that girl is alive and she did not even took part in Boston marathon because youngsters of her age were not allowed. She took part in Joe Casella 5k in Great Falls, Virginia.

  1. Race organizers will donate on tweets:

Another story that is being shared by many people on twitter is that race organizers of Boston attack will donate to the Boston marathon victims for retweeting the message.

"For every retweet we receive we will donate $1 to the #BostonMarathon victims #PrayForBoston."

  1. Authorities shutdown phone service:

Another wrong assumption that was circulating was that after the two blasts took place. Authorities called the telephone departments and shutdown the services.

However, when CNN-Newspaper talked to one of the police personnel they denied anything like that.

  1. Conspiracy Theories of Boston:

A person in fear of any conspiracy theories surfacing has bought the domain bostonmarathonconspiracy. He has also plugged a message on the website saying, “Please keep the victims of this event and their families in your thoughts. Thank you."

These are some of the conspiracies, which surfaced after the Boston Attack.

In conclusion, what we should do is, to focus on the news story and research it if it is authentic or not. Otherwise, we will lose credibility and someone may get hurt.

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