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How is Commercial Carpet cleaning done?

by cleanerssalisbury

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If you were to hire a carpet cleaning company in Salisbury for cleaning and maintenance of your carpet floor, there would certainly be some questions in your mind as to what is the process of carpet cleaning.

 First and foremost, a carpet cleaner would conduct a walk through of the premises at scheduled time. This is the best time to highlight any problem areas or stains and soils which require more attention. Any questions regarding the cleaning process, the time taken or the treatment can be raised by the commercial customer and they can then be answered by the commercial cleaners. This will remove any ambiguity regarding the carpet cleaning procedure. A good carpet cleaner could also ask questions as to how old the stains were and what caused them in order to use the most appropriate treatment to get rid of them.

There are two main kinds of cleaning processes: wet cleaning and dry cleaning.  Wet cleaning primarily uses hot water cleaning sprays with minimum use of detergents along with simultaneous vacuuming to extract any dissolved dirt. The disadvantage associated with this is that it is not possible to dry out all the water and poor water extraction can cause humidity conditions leading to mold growth.

 This is taken care of in a dry cleaning of the carpet which is less labour intensive and work on a low moisture principle which is faster. A commercial carpet cleaning company will start the procedure by applying a pre treatment coat in the entire carpet area. This helps in breaking down the dirt and stains in the carpet and makes them easier to remove. Vacuuming machines are thereafter used to extract out the dirt and stains from deep within the carpet layers.

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