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Tenant verification for Individual Property owners

by authbridge

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Are you looking forward to put a tenant in your independent property? Do you reside in the same property or live elsewhere? What sort of tenant are you looking for? How will you know whether a tenant is ‘the’ tenant you were looking for? These are certainly too many questions but each of these is food for thought for the landlord. After all, in an individual property, the residents are the ones responsible for their own safety.

When the landlord, with or without his family or vice versa, resides in the property a part of which he plans to rent out, mainly two scenarios arise out of it. He may plan to give out just a room or an entire floor and live in rest of the part. In such a scenario, not only is the safety of property important but the safety of his and/or his family becomes an equally important issue.

Similarly, in a case where the landlord plans to let out property located in a different location from where they reside, the concerns take a slight twist. In such a situation, safety and proper maintenance of property, and sometimes keeping up of landlord’s goodwill among neighbours, takes precedence over everything else, discounting the duly payment of rent.

No matter what the scenario, verifying the tenant's details is always an advantageous step. Also, the documents furnished by the tenant should be checked for authenticity. However, checks within the verification service should carefully opted for by the landlord. These checks should be able to look at the details that can have an impact on property's safety and maintenance, family's safety and goodwill of landlord.

For instance, address checks can be conducted on previous, current and permanent addresses which involves visiting the sites and taking a feedback from neighbours. While speaking with the neighbours to confirm whether the prospective tenant actually resided there or not, it is quite possible to receive some more information on the tenant's nature, habits, etc.

Similarly, checks like employment check, criminal record check and database check solve different purposes. As for the landlord, verification will equip him with true facts based on which the renting decision can be taken by him. With the verification, the landlord will be able to ensure that the tenant did not have anything suspicious about his past, co-existed peacefully with the neighbours, and does not have any undesirable habits.


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