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Pentaho’s Big Data Support: What’s in Store for You?

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Pentaho’s strategic move in the arena of Business Intelligence is all set to power up the business world. Yes, the recent release by Pentaho extends support for Big data, that is sure to aid the business processes of small, medium and big enterprises. Well, before we explore what this open-source Business Intelligence provider has in store for you, let us see how businesses can leverage Big Data to their advantage.

Big Data Analytics: Benefits for Businesses The infiltration of big data analytics into the business territory is all the more powered by recent technological advancement which is one of the critical driving factors allowing small, medium as well as large enterprises to leverage big data analytics. But what is the significance of Big data? Well, getting access to good amount of information allows organizations to effectively comprehend the priorities of their customers and make clear-cut strategic decisions to attain their goals. With the help of big data analysis, communications between businesses and consumers can be interpreted in a better manner.

Large enterprises have always benefitted from Big data analytics, but when it comes to small and medium businesses (SMBs), they are also rapidly learning to draw advantages from big data. This is true even for businesses which are not operating in the technological sector. For instance, Farmstead Table, a restaurant based in Boston, effectively leverages data solutions for processing credit card payments and tracking client details such as choicest meals, anniversaries or birthdays. With more and more SMBs looking for data solutions, it is expected that these enterprises will constitute a considerable share of big data projects this year. As far as small or medium players are concerned, the focus will be more on incorporation and integration of information with the entire operation, with an aim to retain existing clientele and acquire new customers.

Regarding large enterprises, big data is adding a new dimension to innovation, growth and consumer surplus. Big data analytics has the potential to generate considerable value for leading players in all the prominent sectors like healthcare, public sector, retail and manufacturing. This is because of the fact that data has rapidly penetrated the different business functions in every sector, and has become a key factor in production. For large players, big data implies enhanced information transparency and usability, intensive segmentation of clientele, effective management decision, superior performance level and more focus on development of new generation services and products.

Pentaho’s Big Data Support: A Real Boon As big data continues to become one of the key growth and competition factors for small, medium and large enterprises, Pentaho’s support for Big Data is indeed expected to fulfill a much awaited solution for designing, modeling, visualizing and surveying data sets, especially those stocked in NoSQL databases like HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB. Pentaho for big data allows deployment of potent analytics for data stored in NoSQL databases, either through the process of interactive visualization or reporting or by simplifying the procedure of data extraction from NoSQL databases.

Pentaho’s big data support offers a brilliant business analytics and data integration platform empowering businesses to go for big data analysis through:

  • Interactive web interfaces that enable quality visualization for impromptu charting, reporting and dashboards.
  • Seamless exploration of data across different dimensions (geography, product and time) and measures (quantity and revenue).
  • Capabilities for impactful predictive analysis leveraging complex statistical algorithms such as regression, classification, association and clustering.

So, Pentaho reports development for big data enables organizations to go for proper integration of the big data store within the remaining data architecture. Pentaho supports a range of big data technologies and organizations leveraging these technologies are empowered to shift data within and out of the data stores by means of a seamless graphical ambience. Interestingly, Pentaho’s support for big data extends to web services, flat files, columnar databases, conventional databases, hosted applications and so on. This indeed paves the way for effective big data solutions, implying a bright future for small, medium to large enterprises. And thus the quest for business intelligence vendors begins.

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