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How to optimize System Performance

by ekta

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Computer is one of the great inventions of human race. It has reached each and every sector of business and even in our personal lives as well. Something incredible about computer is that it saves plenty of our time. But as the times passes, its speed reduces significantly and it starts responding sluggishly while responding to user inputs.

You can fix this problem by following the steps given below. These are the basic troubleshotting steps, and in case your issues are still not resolved, we would advise you to take some Remote tech Help for your issues:


Step 1:

 The first step to start with is by cleaning the hardware of your computer. Turn off your system , Unplug every wire coming in or out of the computer and now take a clean cloth and apply it on keyboard and  mouse,  CPU and even monitor as well. You can also open the case of your C.P.U and then clean its fan to assure everything is running smooth and cool. Now assemble it back to its original state. While cleaning your PC, please make sure that the Power is switched off, and your PC is unplugged completely from power source. And please do not use any chemical for cleaning your device. A clean mineral water would be good to use.

Step 2:

Second step is to check your computer fir any errors, viruses or missing drivers. So Scan your system using any good paid antivirus and registry cleaner software. It happens sometimes when we keep on using our computer for long time some of its files may corrupt due to which system start responding slowly to user processes. For that you need to run a system utility called “System File Checking”.  This will check your system and figure out what files are missing or corrupted and will itself recover them.

Step 3:

After fixing system files next step followed by Scanning for viruses and spy ware etc. Virus are little programs but harms a lot. Spyware are the programs created by companies to take user information in order to market their products but we can tackle them by simply using a paid anti-virus. This will keep your system clean and will also provide 24 *7 customer support.

  1. Adjust the visual affects of your system. Sometimes applying heavy visual effects can lead to slow system performance order to tackle this always keep the minimal visual effects which suits your OS.
  2. De fragmenting free space of the system will help your system regain speed. The more information you have on your system more the chances that the system has placed chunks of same file in different location s of the system.

If you use these steps you can simply optimize your system performance. For more help, you can always for for Remote Tech Support through various Toll Free Helplines.


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