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Mini Cam serving as your third eye

by spygadgetonline

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Pen camera, a well established technology of the modern era has been conceptualised from the popular Hollywood character James Bond and his spying activities. James Bond did execute several criminal cases by virtue of his pal – a well built Pen camera, which used to be a part of his outfit. The camera was concealed in a pen thus dodging deceiving a normal eye and it used to record all malices around the Bond and later furnish him with evidence. Well, that was Hollywood and the same thing is available in the real world now. It is actually a miniature camera having a capacity of storing enormous amount of video data. Along with video the camera captures sound of the recorded events (absolutely crystal clear).


It is quite a bright idea for surveillance officers and cops to employ such a mini device as an investigation weapon in order to expose malicious acts. The look is an essential factor in Mini Cam to maintain discretion. So one should be concerned about how the camera looks like. Good quality miniature cameras completely resemble the look of a pen. They are multi-purpose as one can even use them for writing purposes. The looks are so deceiving that viewers can never figure out what they are in real. Spy pens are designed in a simplistic manner and their built is kept robust along with a touch of beauty.


The manufacturers pay special focus on the size of such spy pens. They keep it as small as they can in order to avoid any doubts or suspicion from its viewers. Spy pens are facilitated with a useful tiny handle that helps their carriers to attach them in their coat of trousers and hence enable them to record everything surreptitiously. Mini Cam also finds its application in organisations to reveal the details of an occurrence. For instance organisations witness a lot of conflicts among employees (some turning into hostile fights). However these instances are followed by tight scrutiny of the top management which attempts to find out the real happenings and the cause of the conflict. However there employees who are guilty are prone to lying in such situations and are not likely to unveil the whole event. Therefore a miniature camera can prove handy in such situations. A tiny camera placed at a rarely visited corner of an office can record all events taking place in its surroundings and can serve as an evidence for all unscrupulous acts.


Advanced mini spy cameras can record data up to 8 GB and even more. So with such large storage capacity one can use it for long durations to record videos. Nowadays due to evolution in camera technology, a lot of innovations are being carried out in order to make the product functionally far more superior. One of which is the USB port incorporated in it. By virtue of this function one can transfer the data captured in a camera to his or her personal computer. Owing to these innumerable benefits, miniature spy cameras are truly proving to be a revolution in the field of video and audio recording technology.

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