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Buying the Best Energy-Efficient Heater for Edmonton Houses

by levieslinger

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3 major reasons will provoke an Edmonton homeowner to buy a new heating system First, the unit has stopped entirely. Second, it has been "red-tagged" or condemned by a gas inspector. Third, the system has begun to reveal its age, with utility expenses becoming excessively costly. Before you go out and purchase a new heater from Edmonton HVAC companies, the details below may help you make a more informed investment.

Maximizing your heating system.

Many factors impact your home-heating needs so you should have your home calculated by a certified contractor for heating load and heating loss. You may need to spend between $150 and $300 for the service, but in exchange, you'll be able to identify the perfect distribution and capacity flows of the new heating system. Such info are essential in picking the best heating system for your home.


Heating systems typically last for two decades, but only if you have it checked and maintained annually by a heating professional. If not, it's likely that your system will break down too soon. Cleaning and changing the filter regularly is an equally crucial step to keep the system in great condition.

High-efficiency vs. mid-efficiency systems

Choosing a high-efficiency system over a mid-efficiency one can spare you energy and cash. Look for the system's Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, which is the heating system's energy efficiency performance in a given heating season. Greater AFUE ratings are more suitable. Buying a heating unit with a brushless direct current (DC) motor likewise yields better energy savings than those with brushed motors.

oil hybrid heating systems and boiler type gas

Boilers created for heating areas can also provide hot water for houses. They belong to what's called ntegrated or combination water and space heating systems. The two fundamental approaches used for this are indirect and tankless coil and water heaters.

If you need to change your furnace, think about these combination and integrated systems, as they can heat your water and home, and also provide air flow. In terms of energy efficiency, these hybrid devices may be your best option. Learn the difference between a tankless coil and indirect water heater in Edmonton by checking out


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