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How to Avoid Termite Infestation?

by sandrajoe

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Termites are considered as one of the most dangerous pests in Australia. These social insects live and feed on wood. No matter how small the infestation is, we cannot ignore their presence as they can cause structural damages to any property. Millions of dollars damage is caused by termites annually. As our homes are the biggest assets in our lives, we have to be concerned about termite infestation. How do termites access our homes? This is still a mystery question.

Though we do not know how and where termites invade our homes, it is our responsibility to take some measures to avoid the infestation. What can be done to avoid the infestation? This is the question that encounters everyones mind, while thinking about avoiding the invasion of termites. With lots of research and reading I found some of the tips, which are enclosed as follows.

Termites love humidity, so make sure there is no water leakage or accumulation in and around your home. Never encourage storing of timber in and around your home, as stored or untreated timber will attract termites. Any wood present in your home should treated with termite resistant materials. If you are constructing a new home, then make sure the concrete in the foundation does not have any air pockets. Termites will access these areas to invade our house. Never allow pipe leakages, air conditioners or tap leakages to enter into the soil. Moist soil draws the attention of termites quickly. Never allow the creeping of trees onto the walls and trees covering vents. Encourage proper ventilation, as it will reduce humidity levels in the house. Remove stumps present in your yard. Seal all the cracks and holes that provide access to termites. Inspect your property regularly for the presence of termites.

There is no particular season for termite infestation, they are active throughout the year. So the above precautions should be considered to avoid the infestation. There are many baits, traps, DIY methods available in the market, which will defend your home from the invasion of termites.

Though we take many measures, in some worst cases termites infestation may occur, then the only option left is to call for professional help. A skilled and trained professional can ensure perfect eradication of termites in your home. Surfing in the internet can provide various options of companies providing <a href="">pest control services in sydney</a> and other metropolitan areas in Australia

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