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Central Nervous System (CNS) Biomarkers: Technologies and Gl

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Bharat Book introduces a report "Central Nervous System (CNS) Biomarkers: Technologies and Global Markets" The report examines the role of CNS biomarkers in early discovery, in drug development and for future diagnostics.

Biomarkers are measurable and quantifiable biological indicators that can be used to diagnose or predict disease, monitor disease progression, indicate what treatment options may be most effective in an individual patient’s case and predict treatment response.

The global CNS biomarker market is discussed, and forecasts are made for this segment of the industry for the five-year period from 2012 to 2017. The technological segments of the market (genomics, proteomics and molecular diagnostics) are discussed by application, technology and geographic region. Individual disease segments are also discussed and describe gaps in treatment and limitations of current methods of diagnosis. The process of developing biomarkers from discovery to commercialization is described along with the forces in the industry that play an integral role, such as payers, providers and suppliers. Growth drivers and inhibitors that can affect CNS biomarker development and adoption are also discussed.


Assess the various technologies used for CNS biomarker discovery and future diagnostics.
Understand the process of CNS biomarker development from discovery to commercialization and the path towards adoption.
Examine the regulatory landscape and government’s role.
Examine the future advances that need to be made in the diagnosis and treatment of various CNS disorders.
Determine current and future CNS biomarker markets.


For companies with an effective strategy, market opportunity awaits. Importantly, the ability to develop an effective strategy begins with where opportunity exists and ends with how to effectively execute to capture profit from opportunity.The CNS biomarker market presents an increasingly significant part of the overall pharmaceutical product market worldwide. The study investigates the specific classes of biomarkers involved in CNS disease and the current and potential future pharmaceutical products associated with them. Existing drug products and potential drugs in the pipelines of the major pharmaceutical players in this market are reviewed.

CNS disorders exist in all countries worldwide. Growing health concerns in developing countries are expected to continue to contribute substantially to market growth through the forecast period (2012 to 2017). The report analyzes existing research, emerging markets and biomarker technology categories. Continued growth is expected in emerging geographies, driven by the increase in health awareness of the growing middle class in emerging countries such as the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China.The report seeks to address the critically important topics of analyzing a changing market dynamic, emerging players and products, strategies for accessing emerging markets, specific disease prevalence and geographies in order to allocate resources and make effective decisions.


Current and projected product forecasts during the forecast period of 2012 to 2017 are discussed. New product launches will be discussed. Revenue figures for 2011 are actual figures. Revenue figures for 2012 are actual figures except where actual results have not been reported, due to the timing of the release of the report.The report includes an analysis of leading and emerging CNS biomarkers and related drugs for each CNS disorder. Profiles of producers of leading products and their specific products are provided. The report also assesses companies poised to introduce products during the forecast period and discusses how these introductions will change the face of the competitive environment. The competitive environment is examined with a special focus on how new products will alter the quality of life of patients receiving CNS biomarker diagnostics and treatment with associated drugs.

Market figures are based on revenues at the manufacturers’ level and are projected at a 2012-dollar value. Inflation is not computed into the projection figures. Trends are assessed based on projected sales for existing products, for new product introductions, expanded markets for existing products and other factors affecting the market.Included in this report are forecasts by product, product category and by company from 2012 through 2017. The study is arranged to offer an overview of existing biomarker technology, drug markets for CNS diseases, drug and disease mechanism of action and companies, with forecasts broken down and covered by geographic region or country.

Patent and clinical trial information is reviewed for various candidate biomarkers. The status of approval by the FDA and regulatory agencies in other countries of biomarker diagnostics in each segment is reviewed.Figures are reported in U.S. dollars and in each case reflect currency fluctuations within the performance of revenue change. Revenue figures do not account for variation in local currencies.

All market share data presented is on a global basis, unless specifically noted.

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