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2013 Deep Research Report on Global and China

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2013 Deep Research Report on Global and China Aramid Fiber Industry was a professional and depth research report on Global and China Aramid Fiber Industry. Firstly the report describes the background knowledge of Aramid Fiber, including Concepts Classification production process technical parameters; then statistics Global and China 16 Aramid Fiber Manufacturers (Aramid 1414 and Aramid 1313) Aramid Fiber product Capacity production cost price production value profit margins and other relevant data, statistics these enterprises Aramid Fiber products, customers, raw materials, company background information, then summary statistics and analysis the relevant data on these enterprises. We got Global and China Aramid Fiber companies production market share,Different applications market share, Global and China Aramid Fiber demand supply and shortage, Global and China Aramid Fiber 2009-2013 production price cost Gross production value gross margins, etc. At the same time, we analyzed and discussed supply and demand changes in Aramid Fiber market and business development strategies, conduct a comprehensive analysis on Global and China Aramid Fiber industry trends. Finally, the report also introduced 3000Ton/Year Meta-aramid (Aramid 1313) project Feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, It was a depth research report on Global and China Aramid Fiber industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Aramid Fiber industry chain related experts and enterprises during Research team survey and interview.

Table of Contents

Chapter One Aramid Fiber Industry Overview 1
1.1 Definition 1
1.2 Aramid Characteristic 2
1.3 Classification and Application 3
1.3.1 Aramid Classification 3
1.3.2 Aramid Application 6
1.4 Industry Chain Structure 21
1.5 Market Status and Development Trend 21
1.5.1 Aramid Industry Competition Pattern 21
1.5.2 Aramid Products Operating Comparison 22
1.5.3 Aramid Fiber International Development Status 24
1.5.4 Aramid Fiber China Development Status 24
1.5.5 Aramid Fiber Development Analysis 26
1.5.6 Aramid FiberMarket and Development Prospect 28
1.6 Policy Analysis 29

Chapter Two Aramid Fiber Product Specification and Manufacturing Process 137
2.1 Aramid Fiber Product Specification 137
2.2 Manufacturing Process 138
2.2.1 Para-aramid (1414) Manufacturing Process 138
2.2.2 Meta-aramid (1313) Manufacturing Process 140
2.3 Manufacturing Cost Analysis 141
2.4 Manufacturing Equipments List 142
2.5 Technical Trend and Difficulties 142

Chapter Three Aramid Fiber Production Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 145
3.1 Global Capacity Production Overview 145
3.2 China Capacity Production Overview 157
3.3 2009-2013 Unites States Japan Korea China etc Regional Aramid Fiber Production Overview 166
3.4 2009-2013 Global and China Para-Aramid Fiber (Aramid1414) Meta-Aramid Fiber (Aramid1313) Production and Market Share 168
3.5 2009-2013 Global and China Aramid Fiber Yarn Staple Pulp Production 171
3.6 2012 Global Aramid Fiber Capacity Utilization Rate 172
3.7 2009-2013 Aramid Fiber China Capacity Production and Proportion in Global 174
3.8 Global and China Aramid Fiber Demand Overview 176
3.9 Global and China Aramid Fiber Supply Demand Shortage 177
3.10 Global and China Aramid Fiber Cost Price Production Value Gross Margin 178
3.11 China Aramid Fiber Import Export Consumption 180

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