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Of Deck Ideas and Pressure-Treated Wood

by angelinagarcia

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When homeowners are going for a timeless appearance, they opt for pressure-treated wood; a building material that could be utilized in a wide variety of methods and brings with it some great benefits. With these wonderful attributes, pressure-treated wood is considered as one reliable product to transform their custom deck ideas into reality. It does include a few drawbacks, however. In this article are the pros and cons associated with pressure-treated wood.


Price is one of the main advantages of this popular deck material. Compared with the cost of redwood or cedar wood, you enjoy savings of around 30 to 40 percent. If you intend to create one massive deck, this can leave you with extra money to purchase brand-new accessories for your new deck. Pressure-treated wood is most ideal for those working on a tight budget.

Strength and resilience is another advantage offered by pressure-treated wood. If you make use of this product, it will take many years before you should change your outdoor deck; you will not likely have any concerns with it, too. The material is so long lasting that many producers provide a 40-year guarantee on their pressure-treated products.

One other advantage of pressure-treated wood is that it does not bring in pests. This deck building material is treated with chemical preservatives that make it insusceptible to termites and other pests that have an effect on its integrity. The same preservatives also protect it against decaying which makes pressure-treated wood longer-lasting.


As stated earlier, pressure-treated wood does include a few drawbacks. The chemical preservatives contained in the wood are harmful. Therefore, if you throw the building material improperly-- like burning it-- it will discharge poisonous chemicals into the air which can be lethal if drawn in for extended periods. When a deck made of pressure-treated wood catches fire, the chemicals released can pose a considerable health threat.

Keep away from pressure-treated wood that's too cheap because these are loaded of wetness and will shrink and twist unevenly when they dry. Purchase only those that guarantee against bending. Pressure-treated wood that preserves its shape is ideal for the custom patio designs you want. To learn how pressure-treated wood is made, go to

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