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Venice – Amazing Destination for City Break

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Venice is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world. Venice, located in northern Italy, is known for it's many waterways, as well as its culture, artwork and architecture. It is one of Italy's must-see city. Venice is well-known for its canals and romantic gondolas; however, Venice also offers a wide range of sightseeing spots of historical interest due to its long and rich history.

Doge’s Palace is certainly the second most important attraction in Venice after the basilica. The city’s largest plaza is also one of the top Venice attractions. St Mark's basilica is also an expression of the city's independence. Venice's largest piazza, Saint Mark's Square, is the city's main meeting place. While you can get a great view of St. Mark’s Square from the roof of St. Mark’s Basilica, you can’t get a great view of the church’s roof when standing on it.

While a gondola ride is not always the romantic movement it's cracked up to be, it is quintessential Venice. A gondola ride through the city's network of canals is also a fantastic way to explore some of Venice's most famous bridges and buildings.

Many famous and charming islands can be found on this large body of water located between Venice and the Adriatic Sea. visiting island in the Venice lagoon is a great idea during your stay, and since Murano is closest it’s the easiest one to visit. Music on the gondola ride is magic, but also costs extra: if organized with several gondolas together, the music is heard by all.

A must for all architecture fans as this is one of Palladio,s finest works. Here are some of the top things to do and see that you shouldn't miss on a visit to Venice. If you buy a Venice Card in advance you can skip the huge queue and go straight in. many famous gardens also here. Visit gardens of Venice. The Parco delle Rimembranze, or Gardens of Remembrance, is located in Castello, Venice, and aside from remembering falled War World II soldiers, the park is an ideal place for children to play, according to venice.

Venice is a tourist, commercial, and industrial center. The tourist trade is stimulated by many annual festivals, including ones devoted to painting, motion pictures, drama, and contemporary music. Explore romantic Venice by night, and see the city's hidden charms! During a peaceful walking tour, you'll pass top Venice attractions like the Rialto Bridge, alongside the lesser-known spots that influence Venetian culture.

I am Franklin Kenneth a Travel Journalist by profession. Last month, I visited Venice, the beautiful city in Italy. Really it is an trendy and supernatural city, an extensive jumble of canals, beautiful plazas and bridges. If you are planning your City Breaks To Venice then visit

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