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Things to Avoid While Hiring People for iPhone Development

by anonymous

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Applications might have been considered luxury expense to the business. Something you would have got done to increase the reputation but today it is more of a basic requirement. Although companies and individuals have different needs including money and advertising, all have to go through the same process of selection to ensure iPhone app development is as per the requirement. That’s what has prompted us to come up with some points for effective hiring. Here you would things that should rather not be done.

1.       Pay upfront

Whether you go with freelancers or development companies, the golden rule is not to pay upfront, not all the money at least. Individuals or teams are obviously working for money and once you fulfil that requirement, the chances are that they’ll take things lightly. If you are getting and app developed for the first time then it would be better to decide on a fixed cost and pay that once app is finalized. Make sure that everything you needed has been added to it.

2.       Pay late

This can be a problem especially when you are working with freelance developers. iPhone app development is all about motivation and creativity, and if the team doesn’t think that you are fulfilling your promises neither will they. Make sure that you transfer the amount decided on time which becomes critically important in weekly or monthly payment agreements during the course of development.

3.       Have no budget

An idea can be constructive or destructive depending on how you deal with it. It is understandable that you want the best app in world but there are some rules to go by your first iPhone app development. It is recommended that you always start with a budget in mind to begin with. You can make changes to the budget during the course of time of course but this helps the freelancers or development companies to understand your financial perimeters for the app. Otherwise, you would keep adding features to the application and developers would keep adding to the bill.

4.       Not controlling

You might have no idea about programming, development and designing but that does not mean that you cannot review the work. Leaving the first iPhone app development team in their own could create a tricky situation where you would realize at last that app doesn’t match to your basic requirements. Only you can understand how the app should be so better ask the team what they are doing, what they achieved today and how long would take to complete the app.

5.       Leave marketing for later stages

Believe it or not, you have to start on marketing the applications right through the course of development. Although, there is no right time as such, it is always beneficial to be a step ahead. While iPhone app development team in onto their work, you can create strategies, blogs, social media campaigns telling people about the expected launch and features of the app. This might not make a big difference but would certainly create a platform for the app.          

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