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Sending Parcels Abroad the Safe and Secure Way

by Jameshorncastle

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Sending parcels abroad take into account many factors. If you want it done safely and in a secure manner, then it is a serious decision. There are a few primary things about sending parcels that you need to decide on. These include:

  • Parcel packaging

  • Parcel delivery services

  • Costs

  • Destination

  • Climate

Climate or prevailing weather conditions have a role to play in sending parcels abroad, for the packaging needs to be weatherproof. Also sending parcels long-distance require tight packaging, stuffing, and shock absorbent material, so that the contents are not damaged during loading and unloading at different transit points.

Once the packaging, which is largely your part, is taken care of, now you have to decide upon a proper parcel delivery service. For sending parcels abroad, while the big companies might seem a better choice, those who have had bitter experiences know better. In choosing service providers, people who care matter, and it’s upon you to decide whether your consignment is big enough to attract care from major providers or not. However, for most people, intermediaries like are an ideal alternative for sending parcels abroad. Intermediaries send your parcels through the major carrier of your choice, but provide you the personal care and guidance that you need. They also make the process of sending parcels abroad, much easier, and cheaper.

Another thing to keep in mind while sending parcels is to be absolutely accurate in filling out details of addresses of both consignor and consignee. Also make a special note of the tracking id of the parcel and keep it in a safe and accessible position. Never miss out the correct phone numbers of either the consigner or the consignee on the labels used for sending parcels. It is common custom in remote places for couriers to first phone and make sure whether the concerned party is at home or not. If either at collection point, or at the delivery point, the concerned persons are unavailable, it can lead to increased costs as also lack of safety. This is because undelivered parcels are usually stored in small spaces owned by the franchisee or delivery office of a courier. So, now you know the things to keep in mind while sending parcels abroad.

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