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To have balance Diet have Acid Alkaline Diet

by ventananatural

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Acid alkaline dietcomes different names. You may be confused when you hear them. But keep in mind that they are all related to one thing - to know the foods that make up the acid and alkaline side of the product. Some of the most popular names in the alkaline ash diet and the acid alkaline diet. According to the plan in principle, foods are divided into three: Acid, alkaline or neutral. The reaction is determined by knowing his reaction with water.

Ironically, the medicine has not yet been created, the ancient people lived to 100 years. They live in a healthy despite difficult medical equipment and scientific discoveries are not. Today it is very rare that you find people who reach this age. You might think that this is contrary to your expectations, given the fact that science is more advanced today. But if you try to look deeper, it all boils down to one thing - diet.

Your diet is the main reason why you suffer from debilitating diseases that are previously unknown. Early Humans eat mostly fruits and vegetables and very little processed foods. But with modern technology and fast-paced lifestyle, more people are adding meat and processed products in your diet. These foods are acid producers. Under acid alkaline diet proponents, you have to take all the food, which includes alkaline products, and not acid. This is because the blood is the most alkaline. It is 7.35 pH 7.45. According to their arguments, you have to maintain a normal pH promote maximum health. This is because the essential nutrients are better absorbed and weakly alkaline body fluids.
We can reduce body fat naturally on a daily basis to keep a well-prepared, balanced diet. There are certain foods that have been approved by regulatory and management of the fat. These foods are natural foods free from harmful fat and high in heart-friendly nutrients that can help reduce body fat and improve your health without harmful side effects. It's then just knowing about these foods and adding them to your daily food, and then balanced dietary guidelines and become familiar with the food pyramid.

Oats and whole grains is an excellent body fat lowering nutrients, such as soluble fiber sources. It should be noted, however, that there are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber parts are plants that can not be absorbed by the body, but they are good in regulating bowel movements. Soluble fiber, on the other hand, is a more useful type. It becomes like gel when mixed with water, and they are natural fat reducer. Do not get the wrong idea, because some bread and cereal products wheat fiber and have no effect on fat loss effect. It is therefore important to be familiar with the ones that are good soluble fiber content, because it tends to be confusing. In oat bran and whole grains, soluble fiber found in apples, citrus fruits, beans, and whole oat flour.
Nuts are rich in unsaturated oils with mono and combined with the fiber content of fat to give effect. However, not all nuts are good, because some of them are very high in fat and may not be as useful as cashew, macadamia and Brazil nuts. Good examples of walnuts, which are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, almonds, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts and hazelnuts.

dietaequilibrada provides several health benefits. Besides the obvious advantage to maintain the pH balance in the body, it can help rule out several diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and stomach problems. Other symptoms that may be excluded are:
• Loss of energy
• Nasal congestion
• anxiety and nervousness
• Headache

What should you do?
If you want to follow the acid alkaline diet, the doctors tell you to take more fruits and vegetables instead of meat, salt and processed foods. These acid-producing foods is the reason why you are suffering from various health problems.

Safety problems
Before you start with the acid alkaline diet, you should discuss this with your doctor. Do not use this type of diet, if you have problems with your kidneys. This will only worsen your condition. You also need to work closely with your health care professional if you have already have health problems.

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