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Be Prepared To Potty Train Your New Pup

by Matthewsteven

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Looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale can melt your heart every time you lay eyes on one. They are little furry balls of fluff and are absolutely adorable as puppies. They are sweet little dogs that make great companions. They love to curl up in your lap, give lots of kisses and will let you know when visitors come to the door. The tricky thing about owning any kind of puppy is getting it housebroken. If you are thinking about bringing home a new puppy, be prepared for the adventure of potty training. There are ways you can successfully train your new pup without a lot of headache but you have to be patient and consistent. First, make sure you have an area of the home where the puppy can stay until it is trained. Just letting your puppy roam free throughout the entire house is not a good way to keep carpets and floors clean. Secondly, you have to be persistent in taking the puppy to it's designated potty spot outdoors every couple of hours. The repetition of this will help your pup realize that outdoors is the place for him to do his business. If you are inconsistent with this step, your pup will take a long time before he or she is potty trained.


If you are looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale, just be prepared for everything that comes along with owning a puppy. They are a lot of fun but require work and attention. Some breeders will start working on the potty training before they even let the puppies go to their new homes. Find out from the breeder if they have started any training on the pups before you take one home. It's important to learn all you can about the breeder as well. Make sure you are buying your dog from an experienced breeder who knows how to care for dogs. If you can, try to meet the parents of the puppies or find out what you can about them. If you are buying your puppy online, make sure the breeder sends you pictures to choose from. Picking out your little Pomeranian puppy will be a lot of fun.


If you want a cute and fluffy puppy like a Pomeranian but are allergic to breeds that shed, you can find a low to non shedding breed like a Maltese or Yorkie and you won't have any problems. You can even find morkie puppies for sale which is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie.


No matter what type of toy breed you are looking for, you are sure to get a lot of unconditional puppy love from your new friend.


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