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Tips for choosing a performing fulfillment service

by Markwilson

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If you have decided to outsource your company,s product fulfillment to an independent fulfillment house, you deserve a pat on the back. Outsourcing fulfillment in this way is a good business move especially for small businesses that are still growing and have to manage their capital very judiciously.


Outsourcing will save your business a lot of money that you,d have otherwise spent picking, packing and shipping orders. In addition, it will enable you to offer better services to your customers because they will have their orders shipped with speed and accuracy. However, in order for you to enjoy the benefits of partnering with a fulfillment service provider, you need to choose the most suitable fulfillment house. A huge number of fulfillment houses is scattered across the country. Here are a few tips that can help to make your choice easier.


The first thing you need to consider is a fulfillment company,sspecialty. This is because fulfillment houses tend to specialize in particular products or industries. A fulfillment house may not be in a position to handle certain products very well or at all if it has not developed the requisite infrastructure. If you are therefore selling frozen goods like fresh fish which require refrigeration and fast shipment, you must find a fulfillment house that operates fulfillment centers fitted with refrigerators. These centers should be close to your market to minimize the time it takes to deliver customers, orders. The fulfillment house you settle on should also have the capability to handle your commodities without ruining them, and this is particularly important if you sell delicate products like fresh foods.


The second tip that can help you to choose a suitable fulfillment service is to look at your volumes. Consider your present volumes and the volumes you project for the near and long-term. Also consider the trend in demand for your products. For instance, you could get very high demand for toys and gift items around Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays compared to the rest of the year. Fulfillment firmstake a keen interest in clients, volumes; they will initially consider your volumes before they accept your business and they,ll peg their fees on these volumes. You should only sign a deal with a fulfillment house if you are confident in its ability to comfortably handle your volumes both in the present and in future. In addition, its fulfillment centers must be able to cope with your rate of growth and seasonal spikes in demand.


Thirdly, you should enquire about a fulfillment firm,s ecommerce capabilities. Is the fulfillment house using the latest, most effective information infrastructure to operate its fulfillment centers? The answer to this question is very important for your final decision. To begin with, since you have web presence you also need to have a flawless interconnection with the implementation centers where your commodities are stored and shipped from. This is important because you also want to keep tabs on your inventory inasmuch as someone else is handling it. In addition, you want a fast, error-free and secure transmission of orders from your web portal to the fulfillment center. You simply can,t afford downtimes in the IT systems. So, before you decide to hitch your wagon to a given fulfillment house, make sure it has a perfect information infrastructure in place.

These are just three tips but they should help you to get started on your way to a happy relationship with the fulfillment companyof your choice.


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