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What to pack while going for an Egypt tour from USA?

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An Egyptian holiday can work wonders for your body and mind. In this desert-crusted land of pyramids and monuments, you are likely to have a memorable time. But before you start packing for your Egypt tour from USA, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. Every country comes with its own packing list depending on its climate, terrain and culture. So, you must make sure to pack in the following stuffs:

  1. Mandatory documents: Some people in their haste just forget to pack in all the necessary documents or miss out on some less important papers. While documents like your passport and Egyptian visa are must, you must also carry your ID card and photocopies of all major documents just in case you end up in a spot of bother or lose the original ones. 
  2. Sunscreen lotions and hats: If you consult an Egypt tour guide, you will be strictly advised to carry hats and sunscreen lotions. The sun here is pretty hostile and it’s no comfort that the land is pretty much a desert. So, it is vital to protect your skin adequately or else you may get tanned or even sun-burnt. Tourists traveling from western countries like USA may take some time getting used to the tropical weather. So, it will be pretty much indispensable to carry protective head gears.
  3. Different pairs of shoes: Depending on your requirement, you may need different kinds of shoes. While flip-flops offer comfort, no doubt, you must also prepare yourself for the harsh rocky terrains. It would be advisable to also pack in a pair of track or sports shoes so you can manage the rugged geography with much ease.
  4. Clothes with full sleeves: Any Egypt tour operator will tell you that you must not bring only shorts and sleeveless tops. While it is okay to drape them when you are on the beaches, you cannot go sightseeing wearing anything which is considered too skimpy for the local culture. When one is in a different country, he or she is expected to respect the local culture. Using an Egypt tour guide, you will come across many fascinating temples and mosques. These religious places require tourists to be fully clothed and covered. Therefore, make sure to pack full-sleeved tops and full pants or trousers. You may also carry shawls alongside them.
  5. Sun glasses: When you are out there under the sun for long hours, it can be tough on the eyes. A pair of sun glasses would be the right recipe to soothe the eye and to prevent any adverse effect of the harmful UV rays.
  6. Water bottles: It is always advisable to carry water bottles for the journey and sightseeing. Alternatively, you can also buy them from the local markets. Keeping all these factors in mind, you should start packing for your Egypt tour from USA. For more details, you can also consult an Egypt tour operator.

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