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Faces Of Engineering

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Careers in Engineering

Choosing a career in engineering guarantees a variety of fascinating opportunities that can range from designing the next space shuttle control panel to developing a way to increase food supplies for the world’s hungry. With an aptitude for math and science and the completion of an engineering degree, graduates have many different disciplines to evaluate before choosing their career path.

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Chemical engineering is a challenging field that combines knowledge of chemistry and physics to find solutions to many of the world’s problems. Chemical engineers develop the chemicals and processes that improve production, durability and safety of products. Typical chemical engineering jobs include food processing to make foods last longer, developing biotechnologies to create better data storage solutions and producing detergents that are safer for the environment.

Chemical engineers use many different fields of science to find solutions. They need to have a good understanding of math, physics, chemistry and biology. Because they also work to develop processes for manufacturing and business, these engineers also need an understanding of economics and accounting.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering is a hands-on job that involves planning and designing the construction of buildings. Civil engineers may survey a site, write very technical reports in support of a project, develop budgets for building new structures and oversee the construction of buildings, roadways or damns. Civil engineers may also be called in to inspect and repair existing structures.

Civil engineering jobs require a specialized degree in civil engineering. A strong performance in math and science is needed. A civil engineer must also be able to work effectively with a team because the job often requires working in a leadership role to ensure that projects are completed.

Electrical Engineer Jobs

Electrical engineers design the processes for manufacturing electronic equipment. The products they design can include semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, life support machinery and power plant grids.

An electrical engineering degree involves learning to build digital circuits, computer networks, video processors and wireless communications equipment. Graduates often find electrical engineering jobs in telecommunication and data storage industries.

Electronics Engineer Jobs

Becoming an electronics engineer requires extensive knowledge of electromagnetics and circuits. Electronic engineers design circuits and test them before putting them into

production. Integrated circuits are first created as schematics that are converted into layouts. The engineer uses these layouts to design processes for printing circuit boards.

Many manufacturers of modern consumables employ electronics engineers to help create their products. Electronics engineer jobs include designing circuits for mobile phones, computer tablets and radio tuners.

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