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Enterprise Learning Academy Students Meet Omega Man.

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Students at Enterprise Learning Academy recently had the opportunity to meet and interact with a member from Omega Man, the number one anti-bullying prevention program.

The assembly teaches students how to identify, respond and prevent bullying in schools. The Omega-Man & Friends school presentation has been performed in over 6000+ school assemblies and is ranked as one of the top school assemblies in the nation.

All students from pre-k to fifth-grade gathered in the cafeteria to take part in this captivating and entertaining program that encourages students to make good choices and be positive influences on their peers.

Throughout the presentation, Omega Man asked students to assist him as he fought to overcome the challenges that many students face every day. Omega Man performed feats of strength that signified the struggles associated with bullying such as name-calling, fighting and lying.

The students were eager to help Omega Man demonstrate how to make good choices and avoid negative pressures. Students were asked to examine a baseball bat, a phone book and a steel rod, and then were amazed as Omega Man ripped the phone book in half, broke the bat and bent the steel rod into a fish with his mouth. Omega Man even got a couple teachers on stage to participate in
the presentation.

The room was filled with laughter and screams of excitement from every student and even some teachers as they enjoyed the fun and energetic assembly. The presentation was a great success as students promised to be “dream makers” and not “dream breakers.” The students left the assembly with a better understanding of these key issues:


•Making Positive Choices

•Respect for Authority

•Self Esteem

•Drug and Alcohol Prevention

•Peer Pressure

•Being a Dream Maker

•Violence Prevention
•Academic Excellence


To find out more information about Omega Man and how you can schedule a school visit, go to

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