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Welcome to the Real World of Leh Ladakh

by sumitijdv

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Leh is the capital of Ladakh, a Himalayan region located in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the most adventurous and exciting places for visitors interested in adventure. It is bounded by two of the
world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram. Snuggled in the highest mountains, Leh depicts unique topographical features like snow capped silver mountain peaks and golden barley farmlands which present a spectacular picture. Situated along the Indus Valley with several trade routes converging from all directions, Leh Ladakh was considered an important trading route for several centuries.
Ladakh Bike Trip

Talking about Leh Ladakh,it is a recent land formed a few million years ago with irresistible force against the immovable mass of Asia. The precise description of Ladakh is that it is barren but beautiful although, not for the weak hearted. Leh tourism is thriving with more volume of tourists round the
globe visiting this place. Trekking in Ladakh through the snowy mountain ranges provides unforgettable moments for tourists to take back home. Leh Ladakh climate is dominantly harsh and cold since it is a cold desert. During winters, from November to March, the temperature can reach a minimum of -40 degrees. Summers, on the other hand, are quite warm with the temperature reaching a maximum of 30 degrees with clear skies. However, the best time to visit Ladakh is between the months of June and October. November to March should be avoided due to harsh climatic conditions. Leh Ladakh is the only place which can give sunburn and frost bites to travelers at the same time.cycle ride in ladakh

Tourist attractions in Ladakh are also in abundance including the Leh Palace, the most distinguished monument of the place, Leh monasteries like Hemis, Shey Monastery, Stok Palace, Cave Monastery, etc., Shanti Stupa,a white-tombed Buddhist stupa and the White Chamba Temple and other majestic palaces, Buddhist relics, cultural festivals, food festivals,historical imprints, lakes and flower valleys.As far as the activities are concerned, there are several ones for travelers which keep them entertained like adventure activities such as trekking, cycling, mountaineering, rafting, wildlife safaris, wild yak
rides, feasting, dancing and singing during festivals, monastic walks and nature walks, camping and shopping. These activities form a vital role during a Leh Ladakh tour.

leh mountain

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