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Logo Design in India- The Folly of the Hack Tattoo

by anonymous

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Inexperienced specialist of logo design in India is comparable to a hack tattoo artist. In developing your own company log, you not only need to find the right design but also the right designer to do it for you. The wrong tattoo (e.g. logo) will give you a bad reputation in the industry. Sure, you can probably erase the tattoo ink using laser, just as you can rectify the bad logo by finding a better designer, a bad choice can scar you for life. 

Logo design farms vs. logo design firms

Unfortunately, the industry holds a dark secret. There exist logo farms that bid out the task that they should have done to freelance designers who have no idea about the end client. The overall look of the logo is just a small part of the equation. Some designers would tell you that designing an attractive logo is the easiest part of the process, in fact. Look for companies that offer logo design India based that will reflect both what your brand says about you and what you intend your brand to be known. That takes a lot of brainstorming and inputs on both the part of the designer and the client. Steer clear from these logo farms that are out only to make money at your expense.

Swiping logos?

Another deplorable practice is the lack of originality. Consider the designs of Sun Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear, for example, which utilizes a square placed at an angle followed by company name. Then you have Japanese automaker Toyota and Chinese automaker Jincheng. Another car logo that is very similar is Japan’s Subaru and China’s Jiangnan. The Sun Microsystems and Columbia software may just be coincidence, a product of lack of foresight to research on the part of the designer, but China does seem to have the reputation of pirating almost everything and producing them in bulk. Your logo design Services should be unique enough to stand on its own.

Successful branding

When people mention Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola or BMW, you can easily picture in your mind’s eye the colors and designs of their logos. That’s successful branding for you. A good logo design in India should be simple, attractive and stand out. More importantly, it should deliver the message the company intends to convey to its customers and potential clients. Each of the elements in the logo is not placed there for art’s sake but has significance to the company’s vision.

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