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First aid for the respiratory problems -

by anonymous

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Breathing problems such as asthma is mainly caused due to extensive dust & pollutants floating in the air, addiction to smoking & tobacco etc. all these factors lead to the blockage in the air routes leading to contraction & tightening leading to excessive coughing, wheezing & inefficiency while breathing. Anxiousness & pressures are some essential causes for leading to such problems.

Such problems usually occur during the night time & are common. Some of the respiratory problems are chronic & some remain for long-term basis. They include certain allergies, running nose, congestion in the chest & many more symptoms. The route from the nose is an excellent route for the viruses & specific allergens to make an entry to our lungs leading to such infections.

Sometimes, cardiovascular diseases often lead to respiratory problems which occur because the heart is not able to pump adequate amount blood which helps to pass the oxygen to our body. Some infections arise due to symptoms of acute sinusitis. This causes difficulty in breathing for almost a week or even more than that till the time this inflammatory feeling reduces & a type termed as congested sinuses commences to retreat.


There are some first aid measures that need to be conducted while treating an infected person:

• Talk to the people in a subtle manner & provide immense relaxation to him which is essential.
• It is necessary to stay calm & carefully talk to the person, if it is possible make an eye contact.
• It is necessary to carry this person in a clean area that is pollutant & dust free.
• Make the person sit in an upright position which will help him breathe well rather than from lying down. Encourage him to sit upright with his legs crossed, elbows placed over the knees. Such positions ease the breathing ability & help to provide relaxation.
• As soon as he eases, provide him with some medication. Provide him with the puffer which helps him to medicate with the help of the reliever.
• Breathe repeatedly for sometime & repeat these steps for a couple of times till relief.
• Wait for a couple of minute, but if there are no signs of improvement, repeat the above steps again.



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