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Several Ways to Make an Eco-Friendly Office

by anonymous

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Living in a computer-savvy generation where being a contributor of pollution is considered to be mandatory and normal, starting to build a green workplace is the last thing to be pay attention to. But that shouldn’t be the scenario, in fact, everybody should be involved in doing their own ways for a responsible environmental stewardship.

                Starting in making your workplace more environmentally friendly will not take an intense effort and funds just to implement changes in your office. All you have to do is to change every workers practices and behaviors that deals and has concern with responsible environmental stewardship, and shift from the materials, ways that are contrast in promoting a green environment area. Plus, to highlight, becoming an eco-friendly office will improve your profit margins.

By simply following these several ways, you will help stop global warming, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, improper waste management and other form of consequence caused by abusing our Mother Earth.

  1. Responsible Paper Usage

When you are going to look and buy a printer paper for your office, go for a recycled paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content and the minimum of chlorine bleaching. Also, for the paper you can no longer use, have a reuse box in your office and try to use the other side of the used paper whenever possible. In doing reports for your boss or clients, you can also Email them than hand them a printed one. Generally, try to print only when necessary.


  1. 2.      Water Conservation

Saving water are well known and practiced method of being more eco friendly. Massive amount of water is used daily in offices, not just for drinking but for washing up and toilets. By looking at how water consumption can be reduced then, you will not just made a big savings but you can contribute in responsible stewarding as well.


  1. 3.      Energy Saving Measures

Everyday, plenty of machines are being use in the typical offices. Lights is a good start to reduce electricity consumption. Take advantage of natural sunlight as much as possible. For example, if it is sunny outside, you can just open up your blinds and let the sun fill your room. Don’t switch on your office machines if you still have the alternatives or until you really need it if necessary.


  1. 4.      Using or Replacing eco-friendly materials/ machines

Always use green materials. Buying electrical equipment with good energy efficiency ratings is a good start. Use biodegradable soaps and recycled cloth towels in the bathroom and kitchen, and provide biodegradable cleaners for the custodial staff. Replace your printer or copier into a eco-friendly one.  Look for good energy efficient ratings and features such as printing in draft mode.


One example of an eco-friendly material is the using of continuous ink system (CIS It is a method of delivering a steady supply of ink to an inkjet printer without having to change the cartridges. Many business and professional grade printers incorporate a continuous ink system in their design to increase the speed and volume of printing capacity. It increasingly becomes popular in the last few years because of the significant savings over cartridges. Using these, you can save while you can print even more. While it is known as the cheapest printer ink available, it is also greener because using it means you will buy it by bulk, which would means less packaging and less waste compared to cartridges.


  1. 5.      Recycling and Reusing of office products

Some material use can’t be avoided, so instead for buying from time to time, try to reuse old or stocked materials if necessary. Look for pens and pencils that are made of recycled materials, as much as the refillable ones which are more preferable that the disposable ones. Don’t just throw old in the trash, take a look at what alternatives you can do from that useful junk. To be general, don’t buy stuffs you don’t really need. Practice reuse and recycling as much as possible.


A greener workplace would mean a healthier and more productive place to work. Imagine how fulfilled and proud you and your colleagues will be in building a difference to reduce your organization’s environmental impact. Just by following the 5 simple ways above, you can already make a great difference.  In addition, placing houseplants in our office is also a good example in eliminating the air of toxins and adds more attractiveness .Lastly, be sure to integrate your eco friendly thinking and get the rest of the workforce motivated to help.

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