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Tee Shirts As Promotional Tools And Staff Uniforms

by pattynewsee

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Dingo promotions deal a lot with the Hospitality industry; this is a broad category of fields in the service industry that may include lodging, restaurants events planning and transportation just to mention a few. In most instances, if not all, most staff have a prescribed code of dressing or uniform and this also works as a promotional tool. First of all, hospitality clothing creates a sense of identity in the sense that one is able to identify an employee of a certain service provider by their dress code and in case of any assistance it will be easier to know who to approach. For example in airlines in the transport industry it is easier to identify an air hostess or a pilot from everyone else by virtue of their dressing.

Hospitality clothing also creates a sense of present ability in ones career for example when one goes into a restaurant in the food industry and finds properly dressed waiters and other staff members one is more likely to appreciate the present ability put out by that particular establishment in the provision of their services. This goes a long way in also increasing the customer’s confidence in the service being offered and also confidence in the service provider seeing as they have already gone a long way in trying to put themselves out in a presentable manner.

Hospitality also helps in promotion of a brand. For example in a situation where there is a chain of hotels all owned by the same entity but in different locations maybe regionally or worldwide the fact that the brand is associated with a particular uniform or dress code helps promote the brand whenever they are located as it is the uniform is associated with that particular brand and no other. Hospitality clothing also goes a long way in the promotion of a career for example all air hostesses and pilots are associated with a certain mode of dressing or even better chefs. Whenever one sees the chef hat probably even in a poster they are able to identify the career of the person.

In some cases Dingo Promotions one will find that some people are in a career as they were attracted by the dressing code in that career for example pilots. Hospitality clothing also goes a long way in helping in identification of persons in service provision especially where the uniform may include tags on all employees and thus one may be able to identify a particular person for example the manager and it also eases communication. For example if one wanted to talk to the manager they will be able to easily identify the person by virtue of the name tag.   

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