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Roofing for Antioch CA Homes: All About Clay Roofing

by sashaherrick

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Considering that it has Mediterranean environment, Antioch is not incredibly chilly during winter and has dry and hot summer seasons. Therefore, residents need to ensure that their roofing systems are built with products made to endure the sweltering heat. Clay tiles are well-liked options for roofing in Antioch CA not just because of their resilience to heat but also because they can instantly give a home a warm and rustic look.

Clay Shingle Roofing: An Overview

While it's tough to nail down when clay tiles were first used, proof from archeological internet sites strongly suggest they've been in existence for over a thousand years. The fact that archeological professionals were able to recognize the material further attests to their long life span. Therefore, any home owner with the intent of a long-term settlement in his house can anticipate his clay tile roofing system to keep him company for a very long time.

Reasons Why Clay Tile Roofs Works in a Mediterranean Climate

Keeping cool during the summer season is usually a difficulty for lots of Antioch property owners, but the work gets easy if they have clay tile roofs. This is due to the fact that clay tiles can reflect heat from the sun as opposed to absorbing it, thereby tremendously helping preserve comfortable indoor temperature levels. Clay tiles also have excellent insulating qualities, which make sure energy efficiency.

Setting up Clay Tiles

Considering that clay tiles are significantly heavier than various other roof products like asphalt shingles, it's a good idea to turn to businesses that provide services in roofing from Oakland. By doing this, they can make sure the roofing underlayment is sturdy enough to take on the weight of the tiles. Specialist roofers also are well-versed in specific installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Clay Tile Roof Upkeep

Another benefit of clay tile roofing systems is that they entail little maintenance as opposed to other roof materials. They are resistant to insect infestation, mold and rot; only an occasional clearing away of debris is needed. Over time, however, clay tiles may break, at which point they'll be in need of immediate repair work to stop water from getting in the sheathing under it.

If you make up your mind to replace your roofing with clay tiles or other heavy duty materials like the designer shingles from GAF, it's important to have the new roof mounting done by trustworthy roofers in the area. Through this, you'll get best results. To learn more, log on to

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