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Flat Roofing in Tampa: Its 4 Kinds

by willienorman

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Since it rarely snows in Florida, it's no surprise that flat roofing in Tampa homes stay a popular option for its convenience of installment and cost-effectiveness. Also, flat roofing let home owners to make the most of the full height of their rooms and when you decide to take advantage of energy from the sun, you should know that flat roofing systems are ideal for solar panels. Now, you may be thinking, what are your options when it involves flat roofing materials? Well, here are the most famous ones:


Undoubtedly, asphalt is a flexible compound that isn't just for shingles but can be made into flat membranes too. Typically called asphalt roll roofing, this product is rolled over roofing felt and nailed into place. You have 4 kinds of flat roof asphalt to pick from depending on the flatness or slope of your roof's surface.

Modified Bitumen

When asphalt is blended with a polymer such as coal tar pitch, you get modified bitumen, a durable and heat-resistant substance. Oftentimes, the surfaces of modified bitumen flat roofing systems are coated with mineral-based or liquid coating to greatly enhance their reflectivity and extend life. Bear in mind that modified bitumen can provide up to 5 layers of shield. So, if you're searching for an affordable and solid covering for your home, you can't go wrong with modified bitumen.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

For single-ply flat roofing systems, most experts roofing in St Petersburg FL and Tampa FL recommend TPO. It's greatly preferred for the building of "green" structures as it is extremely effective in reflecting heat, thus cutting down cooling costs. In fact, if you choose to have white-colored TPO layers for your flat roof, it can help reduce the "heat island effect" and lessen heat absorption.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Also used for single-ply roofing, EPDM is easy to mount, maintain, and fix as required. It's an affordable membrane that can be ballasted, mechanically fastened, or entirely adhered. With appropriate installation and care, an EPDM roofing can protect you from extreme external elements for more than 25 years.

When selecting which product is suitable for your flat roofing system, look into your needs, budget, and home's structure. To help you make a better decision, you should consult a credible roofer. To learn more about this matter, you can log on to

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