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Jumpstart Your Pilot Career with International Flight School

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There are a number of ways on how you can start your career as a pilot. You can be a commercial pilot by enrolling in one of the international flight schools. Basically, a commercial pilot is a person that is allowed to fly an aircraft and get paid for it. But before you can fly, you should be able to pass certain requirements as advised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Basic Requirements of a Commercial Pilot
The FAA requires pilot to be at least 18 years old and pass its knowledge test. A practical flying test is also conducted and would-be pilots should complete this exam too. They should have a private pilot certificate or something of higher equivalence from the FAA. He or she should also meet any aeronautical requirements that correspond to the type of aircraft category or airplane he or she is to fly and the type of work applied for.

Most importantly, a commercial pilot should know how to write, read and understand English. This is why there are a number of international flight schools that are accepting students from all over the world. These schools specialize in teaching English to locales and non-English students. Not only are they being thought on how to properly fly and aircraft, they are also taught on how to speak the language as this is one of the basic requirements to pass the aviations exams, get a certificate from the FAA and eventually be a commercial pilot.

Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.
The ASA or the Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc. has a number of resources that one can buy to help them pass exams and get certified. Their website answers the basic questions on how to start with this career like eligibility requirements, aeronautical experience requirements and some guidelines on how to prepare for the exam.

Some of the valuable resources that you can purchase from the ASA are the Oral Exam Guide (Commercial), Practical Test Standards (Commercial & CFI – Helicopter), The Complete Advanced Pilot and the Test Prep 2013 Series (Commercial Pilot), among many others.

Getting Started
There are a number of commercial flying licenses. That means there are many ways on how you can jumpstart your career. You can attend flight schools and get trained. Each city usually has at least one or two private training schools that you can go to. Most of these schools do offer commercial pilot licenses for smaller airplane. There are also some schools that specialize in certain types of aircrafts. For example, jets and commercial airliners like those that carry Fedex cargo require a different type of training. You can find most international flight schools are located in the southern part of the United States where the weather is generally good.

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