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Frontline Plus for dogs- An effective way to cure dog fleas

by genericfrontline

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Last summer my pet was infected by fleas and ticks, it was a horrifying experience for me and for my pet as well. My pet was my baby, it was hardly 9 weeks old, so cheerful, and chirpy, but all of a sudden, it loosed all its liveliness. I was quite worried and initially I did not get what had happened to it I made no delay and rushed him to the vet.



The vet examined my doggy and told me that dog fleas infected it and it was losing blood every day, as these pests were sucking blood from its body. I was shocked to hear this, my doggy’s body was as soft and fragile like a flower, and it was losing blood!

The vet explained me that dog fleas and ticks are a common problem with pets and it can be cured. He suggested me to both the pet with an herbal shampoo and to use Frontline Plus for dogs. I did what was suggested to me and apart from this, I also washed all washable things in my house including sofa cover, beddings, pet bedding.

I did all these as the vet suggested me that apart from using Frontline Plus for dogs, I also need to take certain precautions so that dog fleas and ticks are all kicked out of my house.

After applying Frontline Plus for dogs my pet got relief immediately after the first application. After two days, I took my pet to the vet and the vet examined it. He said that not only the fleas but also fleas’ eggs were also killed as well. This was amazing; my puppy was happy and playful again. Thanks to my vet and to Frontline Plus for dogs.

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