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Search Engine Friendly SEO Tips For eCommerce Web site

by promos4seo

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There are definite steps which should be followed to make your website SEO friendly and to stay longer in this competitive era.

1. User-friendly website

•        Provide those accurate information for which users come to your website
•        Elements used in website design should be eye-catching .
•        Remove those factors that make users inactive.
•        Shorten the process of making a purchase like signing up.

2. Minimal loading time:

Your website should not be just user friendly, it should be server friendly too. If your website takes too much loading time you will definitely start losing your visitors.

In order to minimize web loading time follow the steps:

Remove Broken and Unnecessary Links: Broken and unnecessary links always play a negative role in website loading time. Before uploading your website ensure there is no 404 error on a landing page.

Content Area: Content area is very important to minimize your website loading time. If you will improve your content area for text then your website loading time will also reduce.

Apply Clear CSS: For better designs, most websites are designed in CSS. Always remove unnecessary lines when coding a CSS completely and use cluster free CSS to improve your web loading time .


3. Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Always use keywords which highlights your products and your websites speciality. Don’t use excessive keywords on your web pages because keyword stuffing indicates that your site is made for search engines like Google and Yahoo, not for users.

• Always use relevant keywords and avoid those keywords which doesn’t make any sense to be on the web page.
• Avoid repetition of titles and meta tags. As an alternative, use descriptive sentences to inform the readers what the Web page is about.


4. Overlook About Panda

E-commerce websites can get affected by Panda updates. As Panda is formed to hit the website that focus so much on advertising. All eCommerce websites suffer from Panda updates due to their commercial nature.

To prevent this, We should take the following steps for eCommerce website:

• Avoid use of template product descriptions, either provided by the manufacturer or developed in-house.
• Each and every product available on eCommerce websites should have its own unique and product relevant content.
• Creating unique content for every product is not possible so it's good to create unique content for category page and index that page instead of the product page.


5. Penguin Friendly Website

All the websites either eCommerce or other should be Penguin friendly. Penguin is a Google algorithm update that affects the websites using black hat SEO techniques.

•        Make user friendly content for your website.
•        Avoid those Social Media links that that never get clicked on.
•        Don’t use low quality link directories.
•        Avoid irrelevant keywords on website.
•        Use unique, theme relevant and quality content for your website.
•        Don’t use black hat link building technique.
•        Using SMO for natural link building.


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