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Improve Worth of your Wayne Nucleus POS System

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Wayne is one of the leading names in the retail petrol industry and has been for longer than a hundred and thirty years. Since its start in Austin Texas in 1881, the corporation has grown into an international business with sales business on five continents and assembly businesses on four. The company manufactures and markets a very well-known collection of pumps, fuel monitoring products, payment processing gear and point of sale (POS) systems. Probably its best-known solution is the Wayne Nucleus POS.

The Wayne Nucleus register is among the most in-demand registers in the industry for good reason. It comes with an easy-to-learn touchscreen display interface that cashiers can easily master to become more efficient and effective at the counter. The system also can quite easily adjust to different kinds of store layouts without any compromise in performance. The Wayne Nucleus Server layout of the system features a terminal at the counter and a separate server that can be located in the back office. In retail outlets where space is at a premium, a Wayne Nucleus Terminal Server design condenses the unit into a single small unit on the counter, but with the same speed and data storage capability of the physicaly larger design.

The Wayne Nucleus POS is actually a powerful productivity tool which your employees will become familiar with rapidly and use to be sure your pricing and promotions are always correct at the counter. Yet, to be able to really shine, you need to team the Wayne Nucleus POS with a entirely compatible back office system which could optimize its ability to serve your store.

But which product should you ultimately choose? Thankfully, this is not a very complicated question to solve. The internet-based back office application from Petrosoft, C-Store Office certainly is the right choice for practically any Wayne Nucleus POS user. Petrosoft is a accredited Wayne Nucleus software vendor and C-Store Office was created specifically to provide the most productive operations possible for convenience shops.

C-Store Office operates in close synchronization with the Wayne Nucleus register to keep pricing correct. The system picks up all price changes on invoice or from the price book and can re-sync the Wayne Nucleus internal price book as often as necessary using our exclusive high-speed connectivity device, Direct Connect. C-Store Office can support scanning at the POS and supplies in depth itemized sales reports on every single shift. The software also will take EDI invoices and can record your buys at item level as well. C-St ore Office reports provide you with stocking levels and sales velocity for each item in the retail store and spot over stocked as well as dead items quite easily. C-Store Office even creates automatic orders for you in accordance with your specific on-hand inventory amounts, so you're able to be sure your purchasing and stock control will be as effective and cost-effective as it can be. C-Store Office users sometimes experience inventory cost reduction of as much as thirty to fifty percent!

So utilize your Wayne Nucleus POS to the highest possible extent with the C-Store Office back office program. C-Store Office will let you make the most out of the knowledge your Wayne Nucleus POS provides, and keep the cash register functioning at peak performance levels.

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