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Bibendum Is One Of Most Elegant Restaurants In The Capital

by pauldownton423

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West Brompton is an interesting area. It has the charm and allure of Kensington, but it’s not readily associated with the incredible luxury of the area. To many, it’s just a tube stop, famous for its beautiful escorts and because the cast of Made in Chelsea occasionally pass through it.  

This is a terrible shame, because it’s full of stunning locations and attractions. Property in the area is a little cheaper than in the neighbouring areas, but it’s still a massively desirable place to live. Having that SW postcode is a mark of true quality, and many young professionals in the capital will do anything to get even the smallest of studios. The houses themselves are of the same stunning Edwardian style as iconic buildings in Chelsea, and are often furnished with fireplaces, balconies and ceiling roses. Those looking for a little taste of the high life without the insane price tag may want to consider the area, although it’s still far from cheap. The only real bargain is the price of the beautiful West Brompton escorts, who are happy to keep any gentleman company.

They certainly have a lot of places to entertain their clients. Local restaurant Veggie Vegan is perfect for those that are health conscious. Boasting a simple but delicious buffet, the dishes range from simple spiced rice to tofu based omelettes and wonderfully dressed salads. The focus is on sustainable ingredients that are in season, which is very much the current vogue. The nutritionally benefits of such a meal also allow diners to indulge themselves within feeling the sort of guilt that only an hour in the gym can cure.

Seasoning offers beautifully prepared Indian food for a sensible price, which is why it’s so popular among the lunching professionals in the area. The intense blend of chili, garlic and coriander mingling in a potent, brooding sauce is offset by light, fluffy rice, scented with cardamom and lemon. Those that want something a little easier on the taste buds may enjoy the subtle interplay between almonds, chicken and spice in a good korma. The dish has been reduced to a supermarket ready meal to many, a shame seeing that a well made korma is one of the most sensational curries available.

For true elegance and sophistication, there are few places in the capital that can rival Bibendum. From the Art Deco and Nouveau styled interior, to the effortlessly crisp blue of the restaurants linens, the whole place just exudes a sense of easy confidence. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the menu that cannot be easily explained. On the face of it, dishes are simple and almost tending towards unambitious. In their own way though, they acquire a level of significance and appeal by their own regularity: it really is classic food cooked well. In that sense it is reminiscent of The Square, it’s masterful overseer Phil Howard, and his tendency to stick to the established but to do it such justice that rediscovering an old favourite feels like a voyage of fresh discovery. No wonder so many men choose to bring their West Brompton escorts here for dinner: the sheer charm of Bibendum is intoxicating.


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