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USB Keylogger: System – Monitoring Device to Keep Computer

by mariasnell

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While some other keyloggers may require you to boot on a computer, access the operating system and probably download, the USB keylogger only needs you to simply plug it in between the keyboard and the computer and it starts recording keystrokes. From parents who wish to monitor the online activities of their children to know when they might be communicating with dangerous people or visiting adult or unhealthy sites, to teachers who want to track the activities of their students during the academic periods to make sure they use the school’s network strictly for academic purpose, the USB keylogger has become their chief resort. Also employee activity monitoring has never been any easier as managers can now easily find out what their workers are doing when they are assumed to be at work.

This unique keylogger was used by a certain woman to save her marriage when she discovered that her husband, who hardly gathers money together, is an addicted online gambler. Thus she was able to turn him in to the relevant counselors who worked on him and were able to save the situation. The device comes as a small, plug-like instrument which requires no software or drivers for installation. They work well in Windows, Linux and Mac computer systems and are not in any way detected by security scanners.

As the unaware user of the PC who is being monitored types on the keyboard, the device records and stores the keystrokes. 8 Megabytes of memory capacity can record up to 8 million keystrokes and more than 4,000 pages of texts. Some of them reach up to 2 Gigabytes memory capacity. Data retrieve is achieved by switching into flash drive mode for download, and this data can be accessed by unplugging the device from the computer it monitored and plugging it to an entirely different PC.

A fellow who had previously wanted to use a software keylogging solution was not able to do so, and was told that he does not have any administrative rights on the computer. However, with this USB device, all he had to do was just plug it in between the keyboard and the computer and it automatically started recording all data typed on the keyboard to the internal flash disc. One can also use it to monitor his computer to detect unauthorized use, backup copies of typed texts, as well as retrieve important passwords.

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