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The Asclepion TattooStar Effect Laser

by erasetattooremoval

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While there are a variety of lasers used to remove tattoos, there are some that have been proven more effective than others.  The laser a tattoo removal studio uses to remove tattoos varies from studio to studio. As a laser tattoo removal studio ourselves, we have come across many different lasers over the years that boast effectiveness in removing tattoos, but there is no laser we believe in as much as we believe in the laser that we use, the Asclepion TattooStar Effect Laser.  What is about this particular laser that we (and patients) like best?  Here are the following reasons why we use the Asclepion:

1- The results:  When it comes to our patients, we strive on providing the best results possible, as that is so important with laser tattoo removal.  Patients are coming to us with an end result in mind. Whether it is complete or partial removal, patients know what they want their skin to look like after the procedures are over with and it is our goal to give them what they want.  The Asclepion is a big part of how we help our patients achieve great results.  The Asclepion targets ink deep in the skin, breaking up the ink particles more effectively than other lasers on the market yielding great results.

2- Less damage to the skin: Tattoo removal can harm the skin being treated as well as the skin surrounding the treated area, that is no secret.  For years advancements in technology have been made to correct that issue.  Laser tattoo removal in general is known for causing less damage to the skin being treated as well as the surrounding skin, this we know now.  The Asclepion in particular causes less damage to the skin making healing much easier for patients.

3- Less procedures needed:  The Asclepion produces results much faster than ordinary removal lasers, which gives our patients the ability to undergo less treatments.  What patient doesn’t want to undergo less procedures?  Needing less procedures is by far one of the Asclepion’s biggest advantages.

Before undergoing laser tattoo removal, speak with your laser tattoo removal studio about the laser being used in the procedure.  

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