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Morning sickness remedies that you could try at home

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Pregnancy is something all women look forward to. Morning sickness is not. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day but it’s more likely to be experienced in the morning and then wear off as the day goes by. Women experience morning sickness in varying intensity and the symptoms typically improve after the first trimester. There are many natural treatments for morning sickness that a pregnant woman can use to relieve her nausea although not all of them work for everyone. They are very similar to natural treatments for IBS.


One of the most effective morning sickness remediesis sipping herbal teas. There are various herbs with proven ability to relieve nausea. Of these, ginger and peppermint are two of the best natural treatments for morning sickness and natural treatments for IBS. Morning sickness also responds well to teas made from cinnamon.


There are also a number of non-herbal morning sickness remedies that can help with morning sickness. One can squeeze a lemon into a glass of cold water and sip at intervals or suck on a slice of lemon. The tangy flavor of lemon is can help some relieve their nausea.


Originally made to combat seasickness, acupressure wristbands can help some as a natural treatments for morning sickness. These bands are worn on the arm, about four inches from the wrist, and they work by applying pressure on the pericardium acupressure point. These bands work wonders for many people and are even better when used alongside other morning sickness remedies.


Daily intake of vitamin B6 and eating protein-rich snacks during the day are two more natural treatments for morning sickness. A daily intake of vitamin B6 has been found to relieve the nausea and vomiting that accompany morning sickness. Women should not skip meals even though they feel sick because doing so will cause a dip in blood sugar levels, a situation that’ll only make their sickness worse. In such situations it’s best to eat small amounts of food at regular intervals.


Women are also advised to take a rest when they are feeling nauseous because nausea tends to worsen if one is moving about. They are further encouraged to rest in a cool place because too much heat only serves to worsen nausea. One way to quickly relieve nausea is placing a moist towel on the forehead. At the same time, one should avoid substances whose smells tend to invoke nausea for them. One should seek medical advice if none of these morning sickness remedies brings relief or if the nausea worsens.


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