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3 Practical Methods on Executing Irvine Termite Control

by lucilelynch

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Irvine, California is home to a number of of parks, including the Northwood Community Park and Wiliam R. Mason Regional Park. Fascinatingly enough, these parks work as sanctuary to diverse living things, including termites. The sad thing is, termites can creep their way out of these parks and into unwary homes, resulting in all sorts of damage. To stop your home from being the termites' next food, here are some procedures for termite control in Irvine that you may like to know.

Baiting System

Termite baiting systems are among the most prevalent termite control procedure implemented by many households. It is an efficient and effective means to get rid of bothersome subterranean termites. The baiting system works by making use of the termites' natural feeding activity to spread the poison to the entire colony.

Here's how it works. Initially, several bait terminals are established around the perimeter of the house. Non-treated wood is then set in every terminal and is observed for termite activity. As soon as the bait stations exhibit signs of termite infestation, chemically-treated wood is placed. The termites will then take the treated wood back to their nest, feed on it, and eventually perish as a result of the poison.


Airing out is the best termite control approach to apply when dealing with numerous termite swarms. It is also called "tenting" due to the fact that the treatment involves utilizing a large tent to cover the entire home before termite experts saturate it up with gas. The gas can spread even within the tiniest split or crevice in your house, making fumigation extremely successful in eradicating essentially every termite inside your house.

Excessive Heat

If you want a nonchemical technique for termite control in Orange County, you ought to select an extreme heat treatment. This procedure is perhaps the closest you get to an organic termite control because it uses heat of around 130 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to chemicals, to eliminate whole termite nests. Many termite professionals offer isolated extreme heat treatments, while others give whole-house treatments.

In man's longstanding struggle against termite invasion, lots of various termite control approaches apart from the previously mentioned have been produced. Orange oil applications, biological pest controls, and microwave treatments are all termite control procedures which are considered to be eco-friendly. For more information, check out

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